- those who go the extra mile

At MusicTeachers.co.uk we do a lot to ensure that all teachers shown on the site have a very high level of professionalism and experience in teaching. In addition, we want to highlight the teachers who show special commitment and proactivity. These are the ones we call SuperTeachers™ and they get a visible SuperTeacher tag both in the search engine and on their profile.

A SuperTeacher meets at least three of the following criteria:

  • Quick to respond
    The teacher responds to the first message from a new student within 48 hours on average, so that the time between the student’s decision to take lessons and the first session can be as short as possible. The measurements are taken from the last 3 months of activity.

  • Presentation video
    The teacher has a presentation video of themselves as a teacher on their profile so that students can get a good insight into who they are as people and what their teaching style is.

  • Highly recommended
    The teacher has at least 3 recommendations from current and / or former students with a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars on average. It can help new students feel more confident in their choices when they can see other students' experience with the teacher.

  • High commitment
    The teacher must be good at engaging with the individual student and making long-term and meaningful courses for them. We measure this by how long the students stay with the teacher on average. The percentage of students who drop out before the 5th lesson must be below 25%.

This is how we found the goals for SuperTeacher status

By asking our students what was important to them when choosing a teacher - in addition to professionalism, experience and safeguarding - we found four parameters that were highly valued. Based on these parameters, we defined the above criteria that a teacher must consistently achieve in order to maintain his or her status as a SuperTeacher.