About us

MusicTeachers.co.uk is a nationwide platform where the lessons take place in your home, the teachers home studio, or in our online classroom. We take the hassle and stress out of finding the perfect music teacher. All our teachers have been fully vetted. We only work with professional, high-quality teachers who have the highest level of background check (enhanced DBS) in place.

You can search and chat with our teachers, schedule and pay for the lessons right here on our secure website. Either pay as you go, or buy a flexible block of lessons to save time and money. See the FAQ section for more information about prices and payment.

We believe that everybody should have the chance to experience a brilliant music education. Whether you are a parent wanting to give your child the best possible start, or an adult wanting to begin or continue your own musical journey, MusicTeachers.co.uk makes learning music easy, enjoyable and as safe as possible.

We make music education accessible to everyone. On this page you can find both group and solo lessons with qualified teachers.


At MusicTeachers.co.uk we strive to be flexible and, as far as possible, meet your wishes, needs and life situation. This will allow you to focus on the most important thing: the music.

You can receive your music lessons offline or online, pay for your block of lessons at once or divide the payment into instalments. If necessary, you can request a refund for unused lessons in your block up to 1 year after the date of purchase.

Block of Lessons for music - the flexible solution

When you buy music lessons through us, we recommend purchasing a block of lessons. Blocks let you take advantage of the discounts we offer. You can buy blocks of 5, 10, 20 or 40 lessons at a time. You then agree the duration of the lessons with your teacher - typically 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Flexible Payment

When you buy a block of lessons, you can choose to pay the full amount immediately, or pay over three installments at no extra cost. The first installment is paid immediately and the following two are paid at 30 day intervals.

Who are we?

MusicTeachers.co.uk is also founded in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Here the pages are just called Musikk-undervisning.no, Musikundervisning.dk and Muziekonderwijs.nl.

Together, these pages make up what we call the More Music Group. Together we work to create a more sustainable market for private music education and make music education accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Alex Wibrew

    Alex Wibrew


    As a musician and educator, Alex has seen first-hand the benefits a music education can bring to learners of all ages and abilities. For him, this platform is here to bring these benefits to as many people as possible, whilst supporting the music teachers delivering such meaningful experiences. As a drummer, Alex can be found playing an eclectic mix of genres. He is the proud father of two daughters, who are learning piano via MusicTeachers.co.uk.

  • James Jelliman

    James Jelliman

    Technical and Administrative Support

    A lover of technology and music from a young age, James began learning piano, guitar and computer programming before high school. He developed these interests into a career as a producer and sound engineer, whilst working in education and community arts in Leeds, UK. Firmly believing in the transformative power of music, James joined More Music Group to help others in their musical journeys.

  • Helen Warburton

    Helen Warburton

    Teacher and Student Support

    Growing up listening to jazz and musical theatre, Helen learned the clarinet at school. Here her love of performing music began. Now a keen reed doubler, she believes that playing music transforms lives and creates many skills required to be happy and fulfilled. Helen joined More Music Group after graduating from university, passionate about helping others find their musical path in life.

  • Callum Hamilton

    Callum Hamilton

    Teacher and Student Support

    Music has inspired and directed Callum through his life. Born in Leeds, Callum studied at The Leeds conservatoire. He is a songwriter and performer still actively working in the Music Industry. “I joined More Music Group because I share in their belief in the transformative power of musical education. I feel like I’m playing a small part in educating the next wave of musicians”.

  • Signe Tobiassen

    Signe Tobiassen

    CEO More Music Group

    Was encouraged by her parents to start playing piano at the age of 8 and later turned to the bass guitar. She studied at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and co-founded an all-female band that toured most of Europe and released 5 records. Signe joined More Music Group with the ambition to help build a more diverse and socially sustainable market for private music education.

  • Filip Koch

    Filip Koch

    Business analyst

    Has always had a dream of learning how to play the guitar, but he has yet to make the jump. However, as a part of this company he knows it's never too late, so the dream is very much still alive. Since 2017, Filip has supported thousands of teachers and students to achieve their goals when joining our platform. Working in service to others continues to be a key motivation for Filip, now that he has moved into a more administrative position in the company.

  • Asbjørn Blakstad

    Asbjørn Blakstad

    CTO, software developer, founder

    Is known for his technical skills, but many people don't know that he used to be a blues and jazz guitarist. He spent hours practicing and playing in bands, dreaming of one day turning pro. Later on, he realised that his passion for technology and entrepreneurship was even stronger than his love of music. After completing education in music and informatics, Asbjørn took the risk to combine his passions and founded More Music Group. Despite his busy schedule, Asbjørn still finds time to play his guitar.

  • Ben Lau

    Ben Lau

    Full-stack web developer

    Ben dabbled in keyboards since receiving a tiny yamaha as a present at the age of 5, but only made it a steady part of his routine much later in life. Graduated in electronics and music technology at York University. In his spare time he has made some piano covers on YouTube (those ones you see with fancy lights!) in an attempt to inspire others. Ben believes that it’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument and is happy to have found a mission here at More Music Group.