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MusicTeachers.co.uk is proud to offer learning via our online classroom. Life is busier than ever before, traffic congestion can make even simple journeys a nightmare and our packed schedules can make organising family life a complicated jigsaw puzzle. With MusicTeachers.co.uk, choosing online lessons doesn’t mean compromising on quality.

The world's first online classroom, designed only for music

We’ve packed our online classroom full of features designed to give the best, most musical experience possible. Hook up your audio interface or USB microphone in just one click for great quality sound. Our Multiple camera setup means you can switch between face to face contact with your tutor and a close up of your instrument in one just click. These features plus our metronome, screen share, and stable connection make our online classroom the best in the world for music lessons.

For a great online lesson, you need a specialist online teacher

We have scoured the length and breadth of the UK and put together a team of professional instrumental and vocal tutors who specialise in online tuition. Able to guide you on how to use the classroom, our specialist tutors will guide you towards your musical goals whilst you stay in your slippers.

Find Your Perfect Tutor

To get started, browse our range of teacher profiles, send them a message and agree on the date and time of the first lesson. Online lessons are flexible, time-saving and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Whatever you hope to achieve, our experienced, professional teachers will guide you through a rich learning experience.

Pay safely

Use our ultra secure online payment system to pay for your music lessons in just a few clicks. Simply pay as you go, or save time and money by purchasing a block of lessons or a fixed term plan. Save up to 20% on the costs of lessons!

Enjoy your lessons

Enjoy your lesson from the comfort of your own home, or wherever in the world you are. Your music lesson takes place in our online classroom designed specifically for music lessons. Easy to use, Crystal clear audio, and a multi-camera setup makes our classroom one of the best in the world for online music education.

Why Choose Online Lessons at MusicTeachers.co.uk
Solve the Family Scheduling Crisis

Mum can work late, Dad can cook dinner, and the kids can take music lessons with a fully vetted professional teacher, without leaving the house!

Taking a trip? Take your music teacher with you

You just need your instrument, your device, and a standard broadband connection. A trip doesn’t have to mean a gap in your learning!

Out in the Sticks? Learn with a top professional without Leaving Home

Not everyone lives in a big city with the cultural infrastructure of London or Manchester. Now, as long as you have a standard broadband connection, you can take lessons with the UKs top online music professionals.

Keep your Personal Space

From a sprained ankle to agoraphobia, from visiting in laws to a kids party, there are many reasons why you need to keep your personal space personal. Now, you can take music lessons without interfering with your schedule, or leaving the house.

Achieve your goals even when there aren’t enough hours in the day

Working full time, care commitments, a fitness regime, whatever your schedule - life has never been busier! Take your lessons online and work out a plan that fits around you.

What does our customers say?
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"Great company! Super friendly and very helpful people. The website itself is easy to use, to book the lessons and to stay in contact with students. Definitely recommend both for students and teachers."

Ada H.

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"This is just an amazing company and run by some pretty awesome people. Connecting students with amazing teachers and musicians and helping people connect through the love of music. Music Tutors will influence the future of music education."

Daniele D.