Payments and pricing

Why most students choose blocks of lessons

Over 90% of our students choose to organise their music tuition with blocks of lessons.Teachers love working with students with lesson blocks because it reduces admin time and releases more time for them to prepare great lessons for you.

  • Best value
    The more lessons you buy in a block, the better the price.
  • Unused lessons are refundable with zero-hassle.
    Unused lessons can be refunded up to a year after the purchase date
  • Option to pay in installments at no extra cost
    If you buy a block of 10, 20 lessons or 40 lessons, you can choose to pay in three installments. The first one straight away, the second after 30 days, and the third after 60 days. It will automatically be drawn from your payment card which is securely saved in our system.

Lesson blocks - the most flexible solution

From £31.20 monthly
20% discount
40 lessons
From £7.80 per lesson*
Unused lessons
are refundable**
Option to pay
in 10 installments
20% discount
20 lessons
From £7.80 per lesson*
Unused lessons
are refundable**
Option to pay
in 3 installments
most popular
15% discount
10 lessons
From £8.29 per lesson*
Unused lessons
are refundable**
Option to pay
in 3 installments
10% discount
5 lessons
From £8.77 per lesson*
Unused lessons
are refundable**
Full price
1 lesson
From £9.75 per lesson*

*The examples of minimum prices are given for 20 minute lessons

**Unused lessons are refundable up to one year from the purchase date

Fully refundable? What’s the catch?

  • We guarantee the quality of the teachers on display but the chemistry? We leave that to you. If it’s not a match between you and your teacher, we want you to be able to move on to a different teacher quickly and easily - It’s all about creating the best experience for you so you can focus on achieving your goals.
  • We don’t want a single penny in our business that’s not been happily spent and we promise to process refund requests as quickly as possible.

Getting excited yet? But which block is right for you?

You’re right to have high expectations, both of your teacher and your progress. But it can take some time to get into the rhythm of learning and practicing. Try committing to a minimum of 5 lessons with your teacher before reviewing your experience and making a final decision.

Lesson lengths - what should you choose?

When you’re purchasing your block of lessons, you’ll be asked to choose the lesson duration. Each teacher will offer a range of lesson durations, designed to suit different students. For 5-year-olds, a 90-minute lesson is maybe asking a bit too much. Older students however can really benefit from longer lessons and the chance to be immersed in the music without having to rush. If you are unsure what duration is right for you, talk it through with your teacher before purchase.

Quality comes with a price

Teachers set their prices based on their qualifications and experience. So it’s not uncommon that teachers with 20 years of teaching experience will charge more than teachers with 5 years of teaching experience.

High-quality music teaching requires a very specialised skill set that takes years to develop. That comes with a price. We only present high-quality, professional teachers on our platform, not necessarily the cheapest, and we support the teachers in their choice of pricing.

Where can I purchase a block of lessons?

OK! Let’s get a lesson booked in.

Your teacher will take care of creating the lessons in our system. With a lesson block it will all just work automatically, for single lessons you’ll need to login and pay in advance. The teachers on our platform are professionals, you’re getting a fantastic service. It’s personalised and demands mutual respect to get the most out of it. So it follows that all bookings must be confirmed and paid for in advance of lessons taking place. This allows teachers to focus on preparing great lessons for you, without having to worry about payments and scheduling.. Any lesson not confirmed and paid for 24 hours prior to commencement will be canceled automatically.

You can read more about our cancellation policy here. Our full terms and conditions can be found here.

Can the teacher come to me?

Sure, many teachers on the platform offer this service. If your teacher is travelling to you for lessons, they will let you know if they require a transport fee in addition to the price of the lesson.

  • If you’re purchasing a lesson block and your teacher has requested additional transport fees, please add the required number of transport fees in the booking screen. This will usually be the same as the number of lessons in the block.
  • You can also buy transport fees separately from inside your profile.

Can I pay in installments?

With any purchase of ten lessons or more, It is possible to split your payment into three instalments at no extra cost. The first installment will be taken immediately, the second installment after one month, and the last installment after 2 months. You can choose whether you want to pay using one single Payment or a split payment in the payment window.

Example: Student Anne purchases a block of lessons on the 13th January. The first instalment (one third of the total cost) is taken immediately. The second instalment is taken on the 13th February and the final instalment is taken on the 13th March.

Worried about missing a beat? Say hello to Automatic Renewal

Automatic Renewal is a feature which helps you keep your lesson credits topped up so you can continue your lessons without interruption.

If you have Automatic Renewal enabled on a block, the system will use your saved card details to automatically purchase a new block once all the lessons on your existing block have been used. This happens at the time of the last lesson in the existing block. The new block will have identical settings (teacher, instrument, duration, number of lessons, single payment or split payment) to the existing block.

You will receive 2 email notifications about this:

  • At the time of the second-to-last lesson of the existing block advising of the upcoming renewal.
  • At the time of the last lesson of the existing block, a new block will be automatically purchased and you will receive an email “Receipt for block of lessons”.

You can choose to enable or disable Automatic Renewal when you purchase a block.

You can also amend or cancel Automatic Renewal on an existing block from your dashboard.

Value codes and gift cards

If you have a value code (e.g. from a gift card) then you must enter it in the payment window before entering your payment information and completing your purchase. The code will typically consist of both numbers and letters.

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