Learn to Play Piano as an Adult


Popular misconceptions about adult music learning can be strongly demotivating. As well as juggling work, family, social life can be hectic enough to never start learning that instrument you always dreamt of playing. What if we told you, that studies have shown, that training a music instrument can relief copious amount of stress and be equivalent to a fun mental work-out? Playing a music instrument can also improve your cognitive abilities and help you better your memory!


learning piano as an adult

Personal Music Teacher - Effective Way to Music Skills

Getting in touch with a local experienced piano teacher can help you implement a routine of learning and help you excel in your playing skills faster. It is the perfect way to get personal feedback on your playing technique by a person who is experienced. It might inspire you to master piano faster and with more fulfilment than learning by your own. Private music lessons would dedicate a slot in your day where you could just focus on playing music without any distractions.

Guaranteed Safety and Teacher Expertise

At MusicTeachers.co.uk we have amazing piano teachers all across the UK, who have been approved by our team through a selective recruitment process, as we only work with professional, high quality teachers. Many of our piano teachers are dedicated and willing to travel to your own home, while some can offer the option of learning in a studio or a rehearsal space. The piano teachers will work together with you to find the perfect time and place for the ultimate learning experience.

For more inspiration, read our article on tips and tricks for adults trying to learn a musical instrument.


To find the perfect teacher choose an instrument which you wish to master, then choose your whereabouts and just click search. You will be presented with a variety of music teachers near you, which you will then be able to sort by their popularity or how short the distance between you is.


You can also take a look at piano lessons in some of the bigger cities:


Who Are We?

​The office team of MusicTeachers are all professional musicians and educators. We also believe that we have the best job in the world. We get to spend our day talking to students across the country about how much they love music and we have helped hundreds of people connect with the perfect, professional tutor for them. We'd love to help you too! Please get in touch with us and tell us your story. 07946125613 Or send us a mail to [email protected]. We can't wait to hear from you!

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