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Some great music is composed to make you feel at ease, while other music is made to make you happy, melancholic, and consumed. While for some that sort of ability comes naturally, others have it passed on from their teachers. However, it requires great motivation, discipline, commitment and guidance. For that reason, most of us use the help of tutors to guide us.

For those of you who prefer to learn on your own terms, on your own instruments, in your own space we have designed and launched a new online music lessons program, where your chosen tutor will connect to you through our newly developed video chatting system and guide you through it as if you were both physically present.

online music lessons

Why choose online music lessons with

Learning to play music on your terms:

  • The comfort of your own home or studio;
  • Flexible learning hours;
  • Save on travelling costs to get to the tutor and back;
  • The price of online music lessons is exactly the same as for physical music lessons;
  • You can learn music while on the go – while travelling, moving, and living remotely – you just need to connect with the teacher online through your device.

Feeling comfortable and at ease is essential for gathering focus and `getting in the zone`. Choosing online music lessons through will provide you with learning from the comfort of your own home. More importantly, having online music lessons will bring you such benefits as flexible learning hours and cost savings from traveling to the tutor. It can get quite complicated to find the perfect teacher to teach you music in a smaller town or rural area due to fewer options, it is also difficult to keep routine tutoring when traveling and managing a busy schedule.

Guaranteed smooth learning process for the chosen music lessons:

  • A video chatting system guaranteeing efficiency;
  • One-on-one tutoring;
  • Individual review of your playing technique;
  • Option to work with a teacher that can maximise your potential even if it is outside of your travel range;
  • When conducting lessons through the portal, your privacy, safety and security are guaranteed. has developed a new platform for learning to perform music online through which you will be able to connect with your tutor using our video chatting system. This type of learning is a simple way to get one-on-one tutoring, individual review of your instrument playing technique and find the perfect music teacher for you, even if they live miles away. Furthermore, our platform guarantees privacy, security and safety during your sessions.

online music lessons

Master your own type of music:

  • Tutors will help you with finding your own type of music to play;
  • You will be shown how to maximise the potential and master your own pieces;
  • As well as how to turn a melody into an entire track

When choosing to work with tutors via online music lessons you are choosing to get inspired by the people who have already mastered the technique. They will help you with finding the right types of music for your liking, to master your own pieces to perfection (if you`re an artist that likes writing), and how to turn a melody that you hear in your head into an entire track.

Lessons that are currently available online:

Would you like to begin your path to excellence?

  1. Click here to search for the instrument of your choice and your location.
  2. After you have been presented with a list of tutors, you have the chance to check whether they offer lessons online (if they do, an information bar with `online learning` option should be visible on their image);
  3. Click on their profile and send them a message informing them of your interest.
  4. Start learning!

Remember, music is best when it's shared. Therefore, let's inspire each other.

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