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What are the benefits of adding a video to your profile at

We can see that teachers who add a video to their profile receive more enquiries, teach more lessons and earn a higher income. Adding a video to your profile is simple and can have huge benefits. Read on for our guide to adding a great video to your profile.

Your profile is a bridge

Think of your profile as a bridge between a prospective student having an idea, or desire to take a first music lesson and actually making it happen. Using text, images, and video, our challenge is to connect, inspire, inform and build trust. Video is a very powerful way of meeting this challenge.

  • Hearing the tone and timbre of your speaking voice helps students get to know you.

  • A clear and positive first impression of your teaching approach helps to demystify the learning process.

  • You can demonstrate your musicality in a video.

What makes a great video?

A genuine and authentic video is more important than a professional camera and video editing software; you can make your video using just your smartphone! We recommend a simple, three part structure, in 60 seconds or less.

1) Introduce yourself: Your name, instruments taught and your teaching locations (including online).

2) Tell your story: What do you love about teaching? What's your approach? What can a student expect in the first lesson?

3) Call to action: Let the student know what the next step is, to send you a message via the button on your profile.

Get inspired

Alec has a lovely video detailing his approach to teaching piano.

Juliet really connects with her audience in her short video.

Nelson manages to showcase his musicianship during his short video.

As you can see, it is perfectly okay to see that the video is homemade. It’s just about giving a good and honest impression of you as a teacher.

Checklist for a great video

Making a great video needs a little bit of thought beforehand. Here's some points to consider:

  • Shoot in landscape orientation - not portrait This will ensure your video is presented optimally on your profile

  • Look right in the camera Eye contact helps to connect with the audience and build trust.

  • Keep the camera still! Keep the camera on a tripod or similar, so the video doesn’t shake too much.

  • Light Make sure there is plenty of light in the room you are recording (natural light is better, but a nice lamp or two is good too.

  • Think about your background. A musical background in a simple, uncluttered space is our recommendation.

  • Location eg “I teach from my home studio in ______, students homes nearby and also online (delete what doesn’t apply to you).

  • Duration The video should between 30 and 60 seconds long.

  • Think about what you'll say. That time can really whizz by. Prepare with some bullet points on what you'll say in the video.

  • Don't panic! Even the pros struggle to get everything right in the first take. Take your time, enjoy making the video and don't be disheartened if it takes a few attempts to get comfortable in front of the camera.

All set? Send us the video here

Send us your video here

We'll upload it to our YouTube channel and add to your profile. Prefer to host it on your own channel? No problem. You can enter the link to the video in the "edit profile" section of your account.

Who Are We?

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