How the teacher approval process works at

Perhaps the most important role of this platform is to ensure student and teacher safety, providing a place where students can be confident they will find professional, qualified and experienced teachers. Safety and security are the cornerstones of our business model. We believe that the high standard of teachers is what makes this platform successful – we are building a team of the best private music teachers in the UK.


All teachers are highly qualified

When a potential teacher registers to join our site, they must provide a detailed CV and use our  application form, along with the details of 2 professional referees. These are carefully reviewed by us before the teacher is published. All teachers are usually qualified to a minimum level of a bachelor’s degree in a music specialism, be an established or aspiring music professional and have experience as a private music teacher.


A high degree of practical competence and experience is valued

We recognised that music covers a wide range of specialisms, styles and genres and understand that you may have equivalent skills and experience acquired outside of the graduate route. This could perhaps be by holding an LRSM or have a history of performing professionally within a band or orchestra.


All teachers must provide an Enhanced disclosure certificate which includes Child Workforce checks

We require all teachers to submit a valid Enhanced DBS/PVG certificate that includes Child Workforce checks. This certificate must be dated within the last 12 months or be registered with the DBS update service. We recommend that teachers in England and Wales should consider joining the DBS update service, as this ensures their DBS check is always current and up to date. References, ID verification, and a full suite of safeguarding and child protection policies are also tools to make sure we maintain as the safest place possible for private music education. 


We take good care of the teachers on our site

We offer group and 1 – 1 training, support and regular updates to all new and existing teachers. We encourage feedback and regular contact to make sure that the platform is providing the best possible service to the teachers registered with us. 


Ongoing evaluation: That is why the students' feedback is important

Students are encouraged to leave reviews of their experience both using the platform and of learning with their chosen teacher. Teachers love receiving the feedback from students, it’s a great feeling when someone takes the time to leave positive feedback on the learning experience. This in turn also helps other students make informed choices about who the best teacher for them might be. For us here at it’s a pleasure to facilitate this feedback and, on the very rare occasions where something hasn’t been quite right, we’re here to help get things back on track.