Registration happens online via the registration button by every group and by subsequently confirming the registration email which will be sent out before the starting date for the group. Payment for the group will happen before the start date via the registration email.

Payment with credit card

Payment will happen online via email which will be sent out after contact with the teacher and the office. The amount will only be withdrawed from your account when there are enough participants for the group to be created.

Cancellation – reimbursement

Cancellation can only take place up until 14 days before the planned starting date for the group. Hereafter, the registration is binding and the paid figure cannot be refunded regardless of the cause for cancellation. By cancellation earlier than 14 days before the starting date for the group the paid amount will be reimbursed with an administration fee.

Payment and registration

If there is space available in the group you will be contected within 1-2 working days by the teacher and our office. You will then confirm whether or not you want to have a space in the group. Hereafter, we will send you an email concerning payment which must be confirmed to ensure you a space in the group. The registration is only valid from the point that the order has been completed.

Reservations are made for changing of teacher and place and cancellation/extension due to illness or similar. Cancelled lessons (e.g. because of illness) will be carried out in extension of the planned course of lessons.

Information about complaint possibilities