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Certified teacher in composition, music production, logic pro, ableton live, music theory, piano, orchestration, songwriting
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From £27.00 / 45 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 12 h. and 39 min.

About Zacharias W.

‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid’ - Albert Einstein

As the quote states above, I believe everyone are born with unique strengths and abilities, but education and school often try and box us in to a specific way of learning which aren’t ideal for us as individuals. I believe a teacher’s role is to discover how a person learns best and adapt the lessons to the individual's abilities and personality. I also believe we learn best when we are fully immersed in something, lingering in a space between being too challenged and being able to master a task. Flow, passion and curiosity will take us further as musicians and my role as a teacher is to create that space for you and awaken your inner artist.

WHO YOU ARE (any of the below)
-You want to improve your theory, ability to write music, your creativity or just open your mind to different ways of thinking about music.
-You want to combine your learning of an instrument within the grades system with a more creative and/or intellectual approach to music and creative music making involving listening to music, theory and analysis, recording music, notation and aspects of music production.
-You seek someone to guide you on a journey from idea generation to fully notated and/or recorded piece of music
-You look for a more global approach to music teaching where subjects outside of music, like Maths, Geometry, Language, Science, Psychology and Social Science is connected to music in an interesting way.
-You want to dive into a rich world of contemporary classical music and how it has influenced both traditional classical music, sound design and pop music.

IF YOU ARE A PARENT (any of the below)
-You worry your child is losing an interest in music and want to nurture a long term joy for it.
-You want to combine your child’s learning of an instrument within or outside the grade system with a creative and global approach to music composition, theory and creative music making
-You seek a supplement and an addition to your child's music/composition GCSE
-You seek a creative way of teaching the piano to your child which covers other areas of music as well and covers the basics through fun and engaging pieces.
-You seek someone that can teach your child both an instrument and composition and or production. Involving different aspects of music making in a lesson.

-How to read music and different types of notation
-Music theory and analysis
-How to work with different music softwares such as Sibelius and Logic Pro X.
-Song writing
-Music for film and media
-Music composition and song writing from idea generation to fully notated or recorded works for different instruments. We will also cover different repertoire and styles on the way if this is something that interests you.
-Orchestration and writing for different instruments
-How to record music and different types of synthesis, sampling and other aspects of music production
-I also teach piano in a creative way outside the grade system focusing on children aged 4-10.

I am a Swedish/British composer and musician with a first class Bachelor degree in music from the Royal College of Music where I was supported by a Keith Poole Award. I have over 10 years experience of both performing music and writing my own music. My music has been performed in England, Sweden, Italy and France and is as diverse contexts such as the Royal Academy of Arts, contemporary music festivals, fashion shows, techno clubs and for film and dance. In 2019 I was a Britten Pears Young Artist as part of their composition and performance course and I am part of the Swedish society of composers (STIM) since 2020. Besides this, I play the piano up to grade 8 and oboe up to a professional level and have performed in orchestras under world class conductors.

Besides this, I have over 4 years of experience teaching children and adults piano and composition in group settings and individually.

If you think I may be able to help with something else thats not here, don't hesitate to get in touch and I can see what I can do.

Reviews of Zacharias W.

Created at 24/03/22
Malgorzata S. Reference
Zach has been a fantastic soul to have around, consistently prepared, patient, on time, with a positive, professional and kind attitude. Emily is looking forward to the lessons, and the fun carries on as she enjoys practising repeating the positive experience she has, as a result she is progressing effortlessly . He has build a wonderful bond with her to unable that to happen, makings sure our needs and wants are met. Personally I could not recommend Zach enough, he really is great!
Created at 04/04/22
Sushma S. Reference
Zacharias is a funny, kind and patient teacher. He was successfully able to teach both my children their first grade in 6th months to a high standard and he is a wonderful teacher.


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