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About Tony

French concert pianist, graduate from Royal College of Music of London.

I've always loved sharing my knowledge and experience, as much as sharing my music on stage with the audience.

I am very careful of always put the student's wishes and thoughts in priority, while finding the right balance between work and enjoyment.

Even though I focus on performing, I have been teaching privately for 8 years now, as I always had a passion of teaching and sharing my passion and everything I've learned with Piano Masters for 20+ Years !

I am very patient, comprehensive, I always try my best to adapt find the right approach and technical tools to help the student in the best way possible.
I take extra care in making sure the musician likes what he is playing, wants to work on it, really understand his strong and weak points, his objectives, and organise my work around it.

I'm also really open in alternative repertoire, and non-conventional pieces, because I'm convinced that you can make a lot of progress working on any type of music, not just the exam or "traditional" classical repertoire.

If you have a music in mind that you dream of playing, don't hesitate to let me know and I will find a score suitable for your abilities, or if it doesn't exist, I will create one !

I'm looking forward to help you achieve your goals and make good music together !

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