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Fun violin lessons
Folk Specialist
Certified teacher in violin
From £18.00 / 30 min.

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Fun violin lessons
Folk Specialist
From £18.00 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 5 h. and 34 min.

About Tim B.

Tim is an experienced fiddle player who specialises in teaching adult students fiddle playing for fun! He teaches a number of styles including Irish, Klezmer, American Old-Time, folk, etc

His fiddle lessons teach you all the fundamentals and essentials about playing the instrument (which includes reading music / musical theory) but also tells you about the many styles of fiddle playing there are out there, providing tips and advice on how best to capture an authentic fiddle sound (double stops, drones, cuts, slides, etc) - information not readily available in books!

The main emphasis of his teaching method is that the student feels relaxed, is enjoying the lesson and learning the instrument - because that's what fiddle playing is all about!. He applies a well tested approach to learning the instrument which involves introducing new elements at a controlled pace while making sure that the fundamentals are fully grasped to ensure that a rapid, enjoyable return is delivered, learning to play some familiar tunes quickly. Tim believes that a good music tutor is someone who is patient, listens to the student and guides the student in the right direction, while making the lesson as productive as possible. Going that extra mile to show the student that their progress is important and offering plenty of encouragement along the way are part of Tim's teaching style.

He particularly likes it when students come to him with tunes or styles they want to learn. He's happy to tailor the course to the individual student. He's also familiar with and has a large library of different fiddle tunes that can be taught, many with backing tracks readily available. He selects from this to guide the student in the particular direction or genre they wish to learn.

NEW for 2022 is Tim’s tutorial book called ‘Fiddling for Fun’. This book has brought together in one volume many of the topics he focuses on in his lessons with Chapters such as ‘Essential information for violin players’, ‘How to make your violin sound like a fiddle’ and ‘Accompanying a Singer/Guitarist’. Feedback on this book has been very positive with students saying it is a good reference source to complement the lessons. Copies are not generally available but a FREE pdf copy is sent to everyone who signs up for lessons with him.

New students with Tim also gain exclusive access to a database with over eighty well known and popular tunes to learn. Each tune comes with sheet music, demonstration MP3 (with fiddle) and backing MP3 (with fiddle removed) that you can play, download and use for practice. Many have slower versions designed for learning. The data base is being added to all the time, often with suggestions from students! There are some great tunes to learn and share.

Although he is a classically trained violin player with RSM Grade VIII, these days he describes himself as a fiddle player. He is a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

He teaches primarily from his purpose-built music studio in the garden at his home, either one-to-one or online. This is equipped with all the music and accessories needed to deliver productive lessons. In certain circumstances he also teaches at the students home, by prior arrangement.

Tim is a musician with many years experience of playing the fiddle in folk bands, country bands, acoustic bands, etc. He also enjoys teaching and sharing ideas on improvisation, accompanying singer-guitarists, and the skills required to play with other people and entertain in informal musical situations. The emphasis of his teaching style is to inspire, communicate and share the shear joy of fiddle playing and making music!

Reviews of Tim B. 5

Created at 24/02/22
Justin A.
Tim has been a great teacher. As an adult beginner, it can be somewhat nerve-racking to find a teacher. I am very glad I chose lessons with him. He has laid out a plan for instruction to get me playing tunes as quickly as possible, though still taking the time to focus on the building blocks and fundamentals. Not only that, it has been a relaxed and fun learning experience. My main focus is to be able to play fiddle tunes. However, I also want to be able to play classical music and learn music theory. Tim has the skill as a practitioner and instructor to be able to do this. The bottom line, I highly recommend lessons with Tim.
Created at 16/03/22
Brian J.
I’m not the youngest student on the planet so was sceptical about taking violin lesson at my age. However, Tim has put me at ease and given me the confidence to progress and improve. His structured approach is proving extremely helpful and his easy going manner makes lessons a real pleasure. Brian
Created at 25/03/22
Stephen P.
I have played the fiddle for 40 years on and off with a particular interest in traditional Irish and Scottish tunes. My progress has been sporadic and I have a handful or so of tunes I can play by ear which sound half reasonable. Nonetheless I still have a great love of the music and the fiddle in particular. In Tim I have found a tutor who shares the same enthusiasm and can draw out the essential character of a tune and present it in a way that is accessible and fun for the student. Just three lessons in I can already feel a tangible improvement in my playing and a renewed interest in learning new tunes.

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Fun violin lessons
Folk Specialist


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