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About Tom O.

Jazz Sax, Classical Piano, Classical Sax.

Music is fun for sure! Tom will share the joy in music, and teach you some super interesting stuff along the way.

Tom feels privileged to have done this, his studies were at Trinity Laban, one of Europe’s best, and Tom won the Jon Hassal Prize for Jazz while there. He also got given the ‘Mr Jeffreys & Mrs Christina Jeffreys Memorial Prize for Wales’ from ABRSM for the top mark in Wales in Grade 7 classical piano, and was in second place in all of Wales when he entered the Urdd Eisteddfod Under 19s composition competition. His mark in Grade 8 classical sax was 142/150, he can certainly teach you grades if that’s something you’re interested in!

Tom also knows loads about pop for sure!!!

Good to have you on team music, it’s really great to play an instrument! Welcome!! 😊

Here’s what some lessons from Tom might look like:

Kids Lesson (Piano)
1. Let’s warm up, he might do follow the conductor
2. He'll ask you to repeat after him ‘I can play the keyboard’ etc.
3. Finding two black keys like bunny ears
4. A game of don’t clap this one back
5. Reading the notes aloud together
6. Listening to the song he'll bring along with him
7. He point to the notes in the song, then you play them
8. You have a go at playing the whole song, yay!!

Adults Lesson (Sax)
1. Relaxed start- Tom usually offers a cup of coffee or a glass of water
2. Opening up the sax case- it’s beautiful!
3. Deep breath in for 10, hold, breathe out- warmup, because the sax uses loads of air
4. Warmup further with long notes- these help you to get a beautiful sound, this is something Tom's really enthusiastic about
5. Learning songs- you can do this straight away, it will be super straight forward, don’t worry! You get to listen a great song too!
6. Some little exercises to start getting a little technique together

If you’re interested, send over a message on, it’d be super great for Tom to say hello!! 😊

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