Sean K.

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About Sean K.

Sean is a professional guitarist and tutor. Since graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2009, he's been plying his trade across the UK in a wide range of projects. A well-rounded player with a decade of teaching under his belt, Sean has much to offer any guitarists needing guidance.

Whether you just want to strum out some classic singalong tunes, or learn to solo over a 12 bar blues, it's more achievable than you think with fun and informal lessons, tailored and focused around the music you want to play.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be playing!

Sean teaches;
-Electric and acoustic guitar
-Rhythm and lead guitar (guitar solos!)
-Rock, blues, folk, country, soul or any other style you might be interested in.
-Music theory, composition and songwriting techniques
-Tablature and traditional notation

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