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Certified teacher in singing, music theory
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About Maggie B.

Singing and making music is your birth-right - it's time to express yourself!
Kodaly + Classically trained, face-to-face & online, 25 years teaching experience

Maggie studied Musicianship and Singing at The Kodály Institute, Liszt Academy, Hungary and a Batchelor of Music Degree at Canterbury Christchurch University.
She has been teaching Singing and Musicianship using the brilliant Kodály Approach for over 20 years to all ages and abilities. She has experience in Early Years' Music from 6 months upwards and Key Stage 1 Music. And she teaches adults from all starting points, from beginners to professional musicians. Maggie also specialises in teaching students with: a fear of singing, those who struggle to sing in tune and people with Learning Differences.

Maggie offers tailored lessons in: Singing, vocal quality, Bel Canto and other styles, Music literacy, Sight-Reading and Music Theory-in-Practice.
She can help you to: develop your expression, stay in tune, join a choir, improvise, perform solo and write songs. And her Musicianship lessons in the Kodaly Approach are an ideal way to prepare everyone for learning any instrument.

Maggie can help you to expand and strengthen your voice, increase breath control, vocal range, tuning, pitch recognition and song interpretation; while learning natural voice care and good singing posture.
She knows that exploring your voice through singing can also help build your confidence in other areas of life and develop your individuality.

Maggie teaches in a diverse range of styles from Soul to Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Folk, World and Pop.
Maggie’s style of teaching is one of hard work disguised as enjoyment! She enjoys engaging with individuals’ creativity through a sense of fun.

This course is designed to start you off as a vocalist. We will use fun games and exercises, with breath and pitch control, to build up a clear vocal tone leading to confidence in your singing. It normally takes five to eight weeks to develop these skills, enough that you can use them consciously and practice at home; so do be patient with yourself as you begin. Learning to sing is like building up your muscles in a gym. After six weeks, with home practice, you should begin to have a strong platform to sing from. Whether you want to learn to sing for yourself, to perform at an open mic, or join a choir, this beginners’ course will give you the confidence, coordination and the skills you need to start singing and to keep going.

The Intermediate Singing Course will take you to the next level as a singer. With regular home practice, we will work on your vocal projection, breath and pitch control, strengthening the voice and expanding the vocal range. We will also work on rhythm, pulse, phrasing, diction and song interpretation. We will introduce ear training, inner listening, harmony and performance and microphone skills, depending which musical niche you choose.

You will learn to develop your technique without losing your own unique sound. You will learn exercises aimed at extending and controlling your breath and your vocal range. You can develop the ability and techniques to sing in a variety of styles - and become a truly versatile singer!

Available for couples, choirs, families and friends. The focus can be on any area you like, whether singing in harmony, preparing for an event or audition, or supporting a child with their music learning.

This can be for Voice and Instruments: We will use the Kodály Approach to understand Notation, harmony, and ultimately, Read and write music. You will develop Sight-singing, and improve Ensemble Playing and musical performance.
This can include: Composition; Aural Tuition and Audiation; Identifying Chord Progressions and Intervals.

TEACHING METHOD - Kodály Approach
Using our normal singing voices and the brilliant Kodály Approach, we will break down all the musical elements into so many fun musical games - that we just can’t get it wrong again – ever! Learning by doing, we train the ear to understand the music immediately and easily, giving a strong sense of where the rhythm fits against the pulse, a feel for rhythm in movement and we will develop Inner Listening to hear how the harmony fits together with the melody.
The Kodály Approach is phenomenal. It focuses on musicianship in action and begins by using Solfa, Rythm and whole-body exercises to engage fully with the music. With this training it’s harder to make mistakes when trying to find the right rhythm or note. It develops musical memory, brain co-ordination, pitch-matching and most crucially, inner listening. As we succeed at each level, the material gets a bit more challenging, and our musical skills grow in several directions - all at once. This approach is generally the same for everyone, no matter at what age or stage we begin it - only the song material changes to be age-appropriate.
This fun approach to musicianship teaches you how to perform with other musicians, how to read/sing the music (as you would read words aloud from a newspaper) - it will teach you sight-singing, and it can also teach perfect pitch! It will help you understand - the beat, the rhythm, the melody, the harmony... so you always know where you are in the music. And it helps you develop confidence in your voice, your style and your musicality.

To find your inner musician and your voice within – or to hone it – and for more information, please contact Maggie. She looks forward to working with you.

Reviews of Maggie B. 5

Created at 15/05/22
Eleanor F.
I would highly recommend Maggie as a singing teacher. She always tailors our lessons to what I need to focus on and the lessons are engaging and fun. We've covered breath control, pitching notes correctly and sight singing. I've always found sight singing particularly challenging, but in just a few weeks from working with Maggie on Sol-fa, I'm now able to sight sing from the stave which I'm really pleased about!
Created at 07/04/22
Philip P. Reference
Maggie is a first rate teacher. She is both encouraging and supportive, using a variety of techniques to develop pitch, rhythm, listening and self-confidence. Lessons begin with essential physical and vocal warm-ups and progress through to songs relevant to my needs.
Created at 07/04/22
Naomi B. Reference
Maggie uses creative and fun ways to teach music, focusing on the interests of the child to keep them engaged.


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