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About Lynda N.

Unlock your musical potential with Lynda
Want to improve your singing skills or your knowledge of music theory or are you looking to start learning to play the piano? Lynda is here to guide you
* Boost your confidence in singing your favourite songs.
* Learn at your own pace with flexible scheduling.
* Experience a comfortable and supportive learning environment

Teaching Experience
With over 6 years of teaching experience, Lynda has honed her ability to connect with children and adults. She has successfully taught musical disciplines, including Singing in nearly all genres, beginner piano and music theory in classical music.
Lyndas teaching style is characterized by patience, adaptability, and a commitment to personalized instruction. She believes in tailoring lessons to each student's unique learning style and goals, ensuring that they not only progress but also find joy in their musical journey.

The first lesson begins with an introduction and an informal chat to enable Lynda and her students get to know each other and to give Lynda an idea of the student's musical interests. There will be breathing exercises and vocal warm ups for singers, Lynda would also teach about vocal health, posture, correct intonation,how to handle performance anxiety and many other things that would help you become a better singer.
Piano beginners will learn about the keyboard notes, note value , beat, bar, tempo , fingering etc
While theory students would be guided with the best workbook to help them learn.

Whether it's teaching beginners , refining the skills of advanced students or preparing them for music exams such as ABRSM, she employs a structured yet flexible approach that encourages progress at the student's pace.

Lynda is a firm believer in the power of music to enrich lives, foster creativity, and build self-confidence. She strives to instill a strong foundation of musical knowledge and technique while nurturing the artistic expression of each student. Her ultimate goal is to empower her students to become not just skilled musicians but also passionate lovers of music.

About Lynda N.
Lynda is a dedicated and passionate music teacher with a deep commitment to nurturing musical talent and inspiring a love for music in her students. With a...

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