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About Lydia

Lydia completed her Master's degree in Composition of Music for Film and Television from the University of Bristol with Distinction, and now works as a professional freelance composer in her own home studio. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Music from Royal Holloway, University of London, specialising in vocal performance as well as training as a double bassist/bass guitarist. Over the years, she has been a member of several musical ensembles, orchestras and choirs, and now often participates in live session musician recordings.

As an experienced tutor, Lydia can draw on both academic and practical experience when teaching; ensuring adaptability to student learning whilst maintaining professional, reliable and constructive lessons for students of all ages and abilities. She believes that each individual should receive custom teaching plans which are set out to improve and develop skills in any area of music.

Singing Lessons will include:
- Improving vocal techniques
- Working on breath control and posture
- Developing skills in pitch, rhythm, tone, diction and projection
- Understanding the importance of expression and presentation
- Learning useful warm-ups and vocal exercises
- Improving sight-reading and musical performance
- Building repertoire
- Advice on how to practice
- Assistance with performance preparation, graded examinations and auditions

Double Bass Lessons will include:
- Learning beginner to intermediate techniques, including bowing and shifting
- Understanding the instrument and its tuning
- Developing the ability to read bass clef music
- Working on scales, piece repertoire, finger positioning and other appropriate skills
- Exploring interesting and engaging material
- Advice on how to practice
- Improving musical expression and performance
- Assistance with performance preparation, graded examinations and auditions

Lydia is happy to teach any genre, having been classically trained with the benefit of performing in different styles such as jazz, pop and musical theatre.

First Lesson
In your first lesson, Lydia will start by discussing your goals and interests, establishing which areas of music you feel comfortable with and what you'd like to improve on. She will assess your abilities and s...

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