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100% Pass Rate
Graded Exams Offered
Beginners Welcome
Certified teacher in piano, bass guitar, guitar
From £13.95 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

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100% Pass Rate
Graded Exams Offered
Beginners Welcome
From £13.95 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

Replies in 1 h. and 54 min.

About Katie C.

*Please note, due to limited availability I am currently only free during weekday mornings and early afternoons*

Katie is based in Huddersfield and has been teaching for 20 years. Her skills enable her to quickly demonstrate and teach music to students by ear, standard notation, or whatever approach the student feels most comfortable in. With her background of classical training and touring with rock bands, Katie has a wide variety of experience in performing. She is friendly and patient, with a passion for all things musical!

Katie's priority as a teacher is to put the student first in terms of the music they are interested in, and alter her teaching approach to suit each individual, whatever their needs may be. The lesson is all about the student; what they want to achieve be it grading or personal goals, or simply to enjoy playing music for the love of it ! Katie has tutored many students over the years for music exams, with the boards ABRSM and ROCKSCHOOL, with a 100% pass rate, with theory of music offered also.

Katie is skilled at arranging music, so that any piece of music the student wishes to learn can be adapted to a suitable level. The most important aspect is to start playing the music that you, the student enjoy!

MA in Music, Composition
BA Hons in Music
PGCE in Music
Grade 8 Distinction - Piano
Grade 5 Music Theory
Currently working towards grade 8 in Classical Guitar.

Teaching in Piano / Keyboard
Beginner to advanced, 7 Years of age upwards. ABRSM or ROCKSCHOOL Exams offered.
Lessons include:
- Basic warm ups
- Becoming familiar with the notes and where they are
- How to read music if desired
- Building a repertoire of music the student is interested in
- Notation, sight reading and theory
- How to get the best out of your keyboard, controls and functions explained

Teaching in Guitar or Bass (ROCK)
Beginner to advanced, 7 Years of age upwards. ROCKSCHOOL Exams offered.
Lessons include:
- Becoming comfortable with the fretboard
- How to read TAB if desired
- Building a repertoire of your favourite riffs/rock classics!
- Picking techniques and strumming
- Using the correct gear/pedals

Teaching in Guitar (Classical) ABRSM Exams Offered!
Lessons include:
- Posture
- Warm ups and scales
- Introduction to different playing styles
- Becoming confident with the fretboard
- Theory

Katie specialises in Classical, but can teach pop, rock , blues and metal also. Katie has a strong interest in crossing over musical styles (guitar rock/metal to the piano, rock music etc. ) This can be very exciting and interesting, learning your favourite song on an instrument you didn't think it could work upon ! Film music, Jingles, Gaming music and your favourite T.V. programmes all have a wealth of music to draw upon !

First Lesson
A first lesson will typically be a chat with the student, to find out about their goals and preferred musical tastes. Dependant on the student's experience, we would then look at simple warm ups and becoming accustomed to the new instrument at a basic level. Owning your own instrument will be necessary after the first lesson for practice purposes.

A lesson for beginners will involve a chat, getting to know what the student wants to learn and a demonstration of easy warm ups. It does not matter what level you are at, it is totally normal to be unsure at first. I am very happy to answer any questions you may have!

Reviews of Katie C. 5

Created at 27/11/21
Lizzie S.
Very friendly, lovely manner- just right for my teenage daughter
Created at 26/04/22
Soheila A.
My daughter loves her guitar tutor Katie. She’s very child friendly, patient, encouraging and knowledgable. My daughter achieved a distinction in grade 1 guitar thanks to Katie. Highly recommend her.
Created at 27/04/22
Rana R.
Katie is a great teacher. She is very kind and patient to my child. She teaches notes and chords in an academic and fun way that keeps my child happy and attracted to the lessons.
Created at 28/04/22
Zoe T.
I could not recommend Katie enough for the great lessons she provides each week - she is rather inspiring and has the ultimate patience when it comes to teaching! Love her energy

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100% Pass Rate
Graded Exams Offered
Beginners Welcome


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