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Certified teacher in guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, violin, ukulele
From £18.45 / 30 min.

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From £18.45 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 23 h. and 43 min.

About Karim B.

Learning with Karim, you will benefit from the best of both worlds - a patient music tutor who will support you with a relaxed, friendly teaching style, whilst also challenging you to reach your full potential! Karim is an accomplished musician and composer who has been teaching for the past 10 years, after graduating in performance and composition from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and winning the college’s composition award in 2013. With this background, it makes him well-qualified to delve beyond your chosen instrument and give you a deeper understanding of how music works.

Some of Karim's accomplishments include having music played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, touring on stages across the UK and beyond as an actor-musician, and he has even been called upon as Benedict Cumberbatch's violin- and piano-playing hands for BBC's Sherlock and Marvel's Doctor Strange.

With a real passion for sharing music and knowledge, Karim treats each of his students as the individuals they are, using his unique experience and expertise to tailor lessons in just the right way to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Karim teaches guitar (classical & acoustic), violin, and piano to students of all ages. He also specialises in music theory and composition.

Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele
Beginner - advanced (grade 8) – all ages welcome!
Whether you want to play for fun or push your skills to the limit, the guitar is easy to pick up but notoriously difficult to master. Whilst there’s no substitute for dedicated practice, there are ways to streamline the process. In these lessons, you will be given the tools to demystify the fretboard and make better progress with your playing.

Lessons will include:
- Tuning your instrument
- Varied & flexible repertoire/songs
- Mastering the fretboard
- Fingerpicking
- Strumming patterns & techniques
- Left hand technique
- Sight-reading
- Aural training
- Musicality & expression
- Music theory
- Scales & arpeggios
- Improvisation
*Graded exam preparation offered (ABRSM/Rockschool) – Karim’s students have achieved a 100% pass rate!

Beginner - advanced (grade 8) – all ages welcome!
Whether you’ve always wanted to learn or you want to improve your playing, Karim will help take your piano skills to the next level.

Lessons will include:
- A varied & flexible repertoire
- Building a strong, reliable technique
- Speed, control & dexterity
- Musicality & expression
- Sight-reading
- Aural training
- Music theory
- Scales & arpeggios
- Improvisation
*Graded exam preparation offered (ABRSM) – Karim’s students have achieved a 100% pass rate!

Beginner - intermediate (grades 6-7) – all ages welcome!
A lot goes into making a beautiful sound on the violin. In these lessons, you will learn how to create a clear, musical tone, and the skills to give you maximum control and expression in your playing.

Lessons will include:
- A wide range of repertoire & styles
- Instrument care & tuning
- Correct bow hold & posture
- Tone production
- Bowing technique
- Left hand technique & positions
- Musicality & expression
- Sight-reading
- Aural training
- Music theory
- Scales & arpeggios
- Improvisation
*Graded exam preparation offered (ABRSM) – Karim’s students have achieved a 100% pass rate!

Music Theory & Composition
Beginner - advanced (composition students should be at a grade 5+ level of music theory)
Taking a theory class can really boost your progress on any instrument. By understanding the building blocks of music, you will be able to read faster and more accurately, memorise music easily, kickstart your improvisation skills, and give you the tools to write your own music.

Theory lessons will include:
- Note reading
- Rhythm and tempo
- Scales, keys and clefs
- Intervals and transposition
- Chords, phrases and cadences
- Articulation and ornaments
*Graded exam preparation offered (ABRSM) – Karim’s students have achieved a 100% pass rate!

In composition lessons, you will go beyond this to look at more advanced theory and the creative process itself. You will have a chance to hone new techniques and ideas, as well as getting feedback and guidance on anything you are working on.

Composition lessons will also include:
- Form and structure
- Advanced harmony, melody & counterpoint
- A range of genres and harmonic languages
- Orchestration & instrumentation
- Musical aesthetics & creativity
- Feedback & coaching on your own music

Karim is happy to teach all genres of music. In addition to his classical training, he is experienced with many folk styles and techniques, and has a working knowledge of the fundamentals of jazz. As a composer and songwriter, he is also very familiar with film music and pop music.

Whilst you are encouraged to use music notation, it is not a requirement, and can be introduced as an additional skill alongside more familiar ways of playing. Notation should be an aid to making music, not a barrier, so Karim will be happy to work with you to judge what will be most useful for you.

First Lesson
Your first lesson will include a brief chat to introduce yourself and discuss what you want to gain from your lessons. Feel free to think about the reasons you have decided to take up lessons, as well as any goals you might have in mind.

From there, you will be led through some warm-up exercises and activities to get a better idea of your strengths and needs. Depending on your level and experience, you are welcome to show off any pieces or tunes you know, or bring a work-in-progress if there is something you would like to take a look at. Otherwise, just bring yourself and your instrument, and Karim will take you through the rest!

Beginner’s lessons are geared towards giving you the basic skills to enable you to start playing your instrument from day one, and putting the right foundations in place to help you improve as you continue.

If you are new to music lessons, you don’t need to worry about a thing. It can sometimes be daunting doing something for the first time, but Karim designs lessons to set you up to succeed, working hard to make sure everything is explained clearly from the outset. You’ll be feeling confident with your instrument before you know it!

Reviews of Karim B. 5

Created at 23/10/21
Minoo A.
My son had nearly 12 lessons with Karim so far. He is very patient, caring, encouraging and professional. He cares about teaching children to read music and play to the best of their ability. I really appreciate his patience and willingness to adapt to my son's ability.
Created at 25/01/22
John C.
Karim is very accomplished, calm and encouraging and I feel that I've learned more in the past 3 weeks than during the months using online tools. He ensures the lessons are tailored to my skills and achieves a great balance between allowing me to progress at my own pace, whilst pushing me to learn more. I would highly recommend Karim as a teacher to anyone regardless of experience. Thank you Karim!


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