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About Joy B.

Joy is a freelance clarinettist and pianist from Wiltshire, who is passionate about performing and teaching music. She has over 7 years teaching experience, and teaches absolute beginners to very advanced level students. She currently owns her own private teaching practice, and works for a variety of music services all over London. Joy studied clarinet and second study piano at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, followed by a Masters in Performance at the Royal College of Music, where she graduated in 2016.

Joy is an approachable and enthusiastic teacher who supports her pupils in whatever they want to achieve from their lessons. She understands that everyone's needs are different and so therefore tailors each lesson and her teaching approach to suit her pupils. Some pupils enjoy having a goal such as a music exam or a performance to work towards. Others want to simply enjoy each lesson without any external pressure, and Joy is more than happy to teach either way!

Joy also has a passion for music performance; In September 2019 Joy returned to the UK after working in Bulgaria for 2.5 years as both co-principal and principal clarinettist of two State Opera companies as well as piano accompanist for opera rehearsals. Since June 2019 Joy has been on trial for the role of Sub-Principal Clarinet and Eb Clarinet with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, which is one of the reasons for her move back to the UK. She has performed with them a number of times already and has more concerts to follow throughout the rest of the year.

More About the Lessons
If graded exams are what you would like to work towards in your lessons then Joy offers clarinet lessons from beginner level all the way up to diploma level. She can teach piano from beginner level to grade 6 and saxophone, flute and theory lessons from beginner level to grade 5. Joy is happy to teach all the recognised music examination boards and also plays piano accompaniment for her pupils instrumental exams if they wish.

Joy has a holistic and creative approach to the music lessons she delivers. She uses the Simultaneous Learning method in her lessons, a method of teaching music which was found by the clarinettist and pedagogue, Paul Harris. The Simultaneous Learning method encompasses every aspect of music in every single lesson, regardless of whether they are 1 hour or 20 minutes!
A good example of the Simultaneous Learning method at work is to first begin by taking the piece of music the pupil will be learning in their lessons. Prior to the lesson, the teacher finds the elements or 'ingredients' that make up the piece and incorporates each of them into the lesson. At this point, the pupil may not know that these ingredients have been taken from a particular piece, but by learning these ingredients separately, when they come to look at the music, they already understand the majority of what they can see in front of them. For example, a piece of music may be in the key of G major (the notes the piece uses), have a repeated rhythm, have a certain 'character' (let's say playful!) and use certain dynamics (loud and quiet). These elements may then be taken and used in a variety of ways. For example, G major scale could be played with the repeated rhythm, with the dynamics and the 'playful' character from the piece. Another approach may be to improvise with notes from a G major scale, using the same ingredients as before. By the time the pupil comes to look at the music they can already play a G major scale, the repeated rhythm, the dynamics and the character of the music. This is a very creative and enjoyable process for most pupils to learn and certainly makes looking at the music for the first time a lot less overwhelming!

Joy's main specialty is classical music, however she can also teach jazz in all instruments to grade 5. Joy is always looking for ways to broaden her knowledge of music as she is a keen believer that no one ever stops learning! If there is a particular genre or a specific element of music you wish to learn about, then please consult Joy and she will be very happy to support you in which ever direction you want your musical journey to go.

First Lesson
If you would like to begin lessons with Joy, here is a little bit more about what to expect from the first lesson: when teaching young children who are absolute beginners, Joy aims for her pupils to be able to play a very basic tune even within the first lesson. As she uses the Simultaneous Learning method (explained above) she connects the piece to all aspects of music, however she focuses mainly on the outcome of being able to play a tune (usually something recognisable). She believes that this way encourages her pupils to want to continue learning, as they often impress themselves by being able to play a tune they know so quickly!

For pupils who have already had music lessons, Joy will ask what they have played before, if they have taken any exams, what they hope to achieve and if there is any particular music they would like to learn. She will then ask them to play any music that they have learnt before if they feel comfortable, or they will explore a new piece and use ingredients from that piece to begin playing.

If you would like to begin lessons with Joy and you are a complete beginner, all you need to bring to the first lesson is yourself! If you have already had lessons before then you may bring along some old music books which Joy will look at to get an idea of what music you have learnt before.


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