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Certified teacher in composition, music production, keyboard, guitar
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From £30.00 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 0 h. and 50 min.

About John G.

Modern approaches to making music in a collaborative online setting.

My teaching focus reflects 20 years of experience in the music industry as musical director, keyboard player, guitarist, bass player, composer, performer, improviser and producer/mixer/arranger.

As a result, my approach is multi-disciplinary. I specialise in pop, rock, and music for image (soundtracks and film scores). My approach is led by you, meaning that we will build on what you already know and help you to become more fully-engaged with your own creative process.

For the beginner/improver level, I recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions.
For advanced students, fortnightly or monthly is usually best in order to allow you time to work on projects in between sessions.

For our first session it's good if you can bring something that you are already working on or a particular issue that is challenging you. I prefer to generate content based on what your unique needs are rather than giving each student the same exercises to work on.

If you’re interested in beginning or improving the following elements, get in touch.


Improvisation/instant composition


Using and programming synthesisers and soft-synths
Using DAWs for studio or live application
Understanding basics of sound – onstage and in the studio


Orchestration for small to medium-size bands
Working within other creative disciplines – TV/Film/Theatre/Radio

If you are already working in music and are looking for further professional development, please see / / Advanced Tuition / / below

Advanced Tuition:

Are you looking for progression in ANY of the areas below?

(These online sessions are aimed towards the working musician who already has some experience of gigging / touring / recording.)


Approaches to performance
Improving your playing
Exploring other styles
Working successfully with other musicians
Using FX pedals live
Using MIDI
Using softsynths live and in the studio
Synthesis (ADSR etc)
How to use different FX (modulation/delay/distortion etc)
Midi Sync and Playback Sync
Playing to Click


Integrating technology with a live band
Working with vocalists
Effective Collaboration with crew
Building a live keyboard setup
Designing a live playback rig
Keeping performances fresh on tour
Troubleshooting live sound issues
Chain of communication on tour
How to run effective rehearsals
How are production rehearsals different from band rehearsals?


Using DAWs
Compositional techniques and approaches
Using softsynths
Mixing with plugins
Studio workflow
Writing / Mixing Template


When and how to learn new skills
Finding and sustaining work
Networking – how to do it your way
Career goals
Personal projects vs Commercial projects
Promoting yourself effectively
Staying true to yourself

About John:

As a musical director, keyboard player and guitarist, John has toured internationally with (among others) Alison Moyet, Marina and the Diamonds and Scissor Sisters. He has worked as a composer in musical theatre (Tales of the City the Musical) and live film scores (The Lost World, Tribute to George Méliès, etc) as well as commercial projects and scores for radio. His credits as mix engineer include Alison Moyet, My Girl The River, Silverclub and Simon Arlidge.
As an educator, John has worked at Primary, Secondary and Further Education level, as well as many years of experience teaching privately in person and online.

Testimonials from students and colleagues:

“I have Skype lessons with John, covering Ableton, Reaper and live playback. He’s an inspiring teacher, and communicates ideas with patience, clarity and enthusiasm.”

Dan Rogers – Bass Player/MD

“Having lessons with John has given me the confidence to explore my own voice and to be myself. With his approachable, patient and professional manner he has shared his vast knowledge of composition, mixing and mastering amongst other techniques. He’s amazingly talented and always happy to help, leaving me feeling encouraged and inspired after every session.”

Tammy Clark-Barret – Composer

“I took a lot from our Skype chat… You advised me to try and turn down gigs and use the free time to do things that will interest me creatively. Using this free time I networked my way into a session, and will be off on a UK tour in November.”

Mike Coltman – Session Drummer

“I worked with John on the musical he wrote with Jason Sellards (Jake Shears) based on the “Tales of the City” books. I was excited because I knew his work as keyboard player for The Scissor Sisters. I was amazed at how quickly he adapted to working on a musical as composer/songwriter– which is quite different from working on pop CD/touring projects. He is the ultimate collaborator, always willing to do whatever it takes to make the project the best it can be whether that be song rewrites or synth programming tweaks or suggestions/comments on the orchestrations. I have nothing but the highest regard for his talents as writer, keyboard/guitar player and programmer.”

Bruce Coughlin (Orchestrator for Broadway and other theater, film and opera)

“I’ve been working for, or should I say with, John for almost 3 years now on Alison Moyet. Not only is he an amazing musician, but a genuinely lovely guy, and it’s been a pleasure to work with him. He really took me under his wing when I first started with Alison, and his encouragement and tips have pushed me to be the best I can be, both as a crew member and musician myself.”

Martin Roberts – Musician (Schiller, Aelius, Control-S), Programmer, Midi Tech

“I worked with John as his keyboard tech, touring throughout America and Europe. His attention to detail with his keyboard sounds is second to none, and whether he’s matching previously recorded sounds or bringing his own creativity into the mix, John knows exactly what to do to get the best results. On-stage and off, John is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to tour with.”

Steven Cowley – playback tech – Lana Del Rey/Marina and the Diamonds, Composer – Camp America

“John’s talent is truly awe-inspiring. He belongs to that vanishingly small category of musicians who are not only technically proficient, but are also capable of completely fluid self-expression through their instruments.”

Cary Grace, Door 13 Music

“It was fantastic working with John. He knows his stuff. Absolute professional and makes the artist/writer feel at ease. He strives to bring out the best in an artist. Our album sounds incredible.”

Kris Wilkinson Hughes, My Girl The River, Super Tiny Records

“The best thing about John is that he’s got the patience and ability to extract a myriad of great sounds from my often poor quality recordings! How he does it I don’t know, but it works.”

Simon Arlidge, Songwriter

Reviews of John G.

Created at 08/02/22
Tammy C. Reference
John always gives inspiring and engaging lessons. His professional, informative sessions have given me the confidence to grow as a composer and musician. As a patient, supportive and highly knowledgeable teacher, John always leaves me feeling encouraged and motivated.
Created at 08/02/22
Dan R. Reference
I have Zoom lessons with John, covering Ableton, Reaper, live playback and general musical career mentoring.  He's an inspiring teacher, and communicates ideas with patience, clarity and enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend him as a teacher.


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