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About Jamie

Jamie's vocal and instrument coaching sessions will help students build confidence and evolve technique as they climb their way to the peak of their musical potential. Whether taking first steps towards finding a voice, seeking that final boost before hitting the stage or simply trying to conquer persistent stage fright, Jamie's sessions will help students see themselves become the proud performers they’re meant to be!

Jamie's sessions are specially tailored with a focus on building self-esteem and confidence, carefully structured to nurture students' progress at their own personal pace and help them overcome the psychological obstacles that affect even the most passionate new vocalists and instrumentalists!

- Vocal Coaching -

Vocal students will learn warm-up exercises, posture, projection, breath control, pitching, expression, singing a harmony, singing as a duet, singing with an instrument, microphone technique and more, all carefully structured to be as user-friendly as possible! Techniques and knowledge is universally applicable to most conventional genres and styles - whether it’s pop, rock, metal or anything in between, Jamie’s vocal coaching has it covered!

Students interested in heavier styles of vocal performance such as fry, growl and scream have the option to graduate to more advanced, genre-specific lessons!

- Guitar Lessons -

Guitar students will be introduced to the basics of proper technique, drawing from student-specific songs and specially formulated exercises to train each hand one at a time. More advanced guitar lessons are largely student-led and cover a broad range of genres and styles to accomodate everyone’s taste and encourage personal investment!

Jamie's performance coaching provides a warm and rewarding learning environment, equally accommodating for vocalists of any skill level looking to manage their personal inhibitions and establish new goals in their development as a performer.

Sessions are typically an hour long with a purely practical, student-led approach. Whether you prefer to learn from observing or participating, lessons can be adapted however you need; Jamie will sing and play alongside students as they make their way through each stage of the learning process with both solo and duo performance exercises. As they study, students will learn to find confidence in the sound of their singing voice, and h...

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