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Music Industry Professional
From £18.00 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 9 h. and 6 min.

About Jade H.

Hi there, are you interested in playing the harp? Jade is so excited to share her experience of performing in the music industry over the last twenty years with you. As a solo harpist you can expect to enjoy luxury venues, ceremonial events, spas and even cruise ships. But the first steps start here at musicteachers.co.uk where you can sign up to learn techniques and repertoire!

Jade has been fortunate enough to learn the harp with some incredible teachers, since she first started playing as a teenager. Since graduating with a Masters in Music at Goldsmith's College, London, Jade is delighted to have played for national agents working in and around London and the South West and she continues to play exclusive venues and events in Bath and the surrounding area.

Jade teaches folk and classical styles and her teaching is very technical in the initial stages, with a focus on developing all four fingers in equal strength. This creates an even tone throughout both hands over the wide range of notes the harp! She uses 'Method for Harp', by Grossi as a study book and for younger learners, 'Fun from the First', by S. Milligan. She uses syllabus pieces from Trinity and Royal Associated Exam Boards as well as developing improvisation skills and popular repertoire.

If you need to buy or hire a harp, Jade is more than happy to discuss your individual requirements and advise you on selecting a harp, which can meet your budget and achieve your goals!

Jade offers thirty minute lessons, forty five minute lessons and one hour long lessons. She often finds that thirty minutes is a long enough for a young learner, every week, whereas an adult can develop more in a longer lesson, perhaps every fortnight or once a month. These are however just guidelines and she is happy to be flexible and work with your individual needs.

Practising is essential for good technical development and Jade encourages you to keep a practice diary and video log. Any questions that you have in between lessons about your practice are more than welcome and she is happy to answer emails or texts free of charge at any time about your progress.

Jade highly encourages you to learn transcription techniques from existing repertoire which you like and try improvisation and composition on the harp. Working with small ensembles and acoustic bands can diversify your talents and skills as well!

Jade has many years experience of playing on an electric harp and she can advise about pick-ups and amplification techniques. At present she has a Salvi semi-grand concert harp to use for teaching and a Teifi lap harp for young learners. Lever harpists are asked to bring their own harp along to lessons please.

Jade offers a mini harp service and advises that you have this done once a year. This involves checking for any buzzes and structural integrity, replacing older strings and checking levers are positioned correctly. In her experience, getting a great response from your instrument will keep you engaged and motivated!

It will usually take around six months to a year to become technically proficient at a basic level. At around a year of lessons Jade would expect you to be ready to take Grade 1 and thereafter each year develop to the next graded level. This does depend on how much time you can devote to practising and how may lessons you are able to attend.

Jade can't wait to hear from you and looks forward to answering any other questions you might have!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this important introduction. Here are some comments other students have made about Jade's teaching.

'Jade is a wonderful harp teacher. She is my second harp teacher and I so wish she had been my first! She is patient, kind, fun, enthusiastic and knowledgeable as well as being an incredible harpist herself. I highly recommend her style of teaching to children and adults!'

'My daughter originally started to learn harp in person with Jade, but when Jade moved away, another solution had to be found! Jade is an excellent teacher and we decided to continue lessons online. We have been doing this for approximately 2 years and it works brilliantly. Jade has plenty of skill, patience and enthusiasm, and we cannot recommend her lessons highly enough.'

Reviews of Jade H. 5

Created at 03/04/22
Anne F.
Jade is a passionate and encouraging teacher. The lessons are so enjoyable that the time just flies by and I can’t wait for the next lesson. Highly recommend!
Created at 02/02/22
Ruth F. Reference
Jade is an enthusiastic and compassionate teacher in many genres of music.
Created at 03/02/22
Sue C. Reference
Jade is a wonderful teacher, highly knowledgeable and a very sensitive and intuitive person in every respect. Her gentle yet specific tuition in both theory and practice has massively contributed to an increase in my confidence and skill as a musician and a harpist. I have no hesitation in recommending Jade to you!

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