Giles B.

Jazz Specialist
Logic, ProTools, Ableton and Guitar Specialist
Certified teacher in guitar, logic pro
From £16.20 / 30 min.

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Jazz Specialist
Logic, ProTools, Ableton and Guitar Specialist
From £16.20 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

About Giles B.

Giles has been performing and teaching for many years. Giles has a wealth of practical knowledge, leading and being part of various bands. He has worked with many great musicians in the UK and around central Europe playing in jazz clubs and festivals. Giles specialises in jazz, blues and latin styles but has also played in rock and reggae bands. Giles spent time as a session musician playing on various recording projects which were played on BBC Radio 6. As a composer, some of his music has been used in documentaries, iPhone apps and BBC Radio programmes. Giles sometimes works part time as a Logic X trainer and has taught in various schools and colleges in the UK.


HND Music Neath College
Music Degree (BA hons) from Dartington College of Arts
Logic Trainer Cert from Apple

Teaching Styles

Giles specialises in teaching jazz and blues guitar however he is also versed in rock and popular styles. All levels/ages are welcome.

He teaches a practical ‘hands on approach’ to the guitar which includes the relevant music theory needed to be able to play the music (Giles likes to teach songs and use the theory in context).

He teaches the tools which are needed for playing standards/songs. These include:

Chord knowledge
Sales, arpeggios, chordal tones
Practice diary/routine
Rhythm exercises (including how to use a metronome)
Transcribing solos (more advanced students)
Recording and analysis of playing
Looking at the language of jazz (bebop etc.)
Solo jazz guitar (more advanced students)

When it comes to improvising he understands it is more important to teach chord tones to make melodic statements rather than playing various scales over the chords.

The lessons will be tailored to the student’s needs.

First lesson

Giles will spend time and ask the student what they wish to achieve for the long term. Also he will assess their level so he is able to tailor lessons to their needs.

Long term goals

Giles' aim is to teach the students the tools that are needed to practically play guitar. This can be for pleasure or to play gigs/concerts. Giles will pass on the ability/knowledge to the students so that they are able to teach themselves which he believes is the aim of being a confident and able musician.

Reviews of Giles B.

Created at 11/01/22
Bryan M. Reference
Giles always comes prepared for our sessions and makes it clear what he expects the outcomes will be. He sets homework that reinforces what we have covered in the lesson. Giles's wide knowledge of guitar music has helped me expand my own.
Created at 11/01/22
Kate J. Reference
Giles has been a fantastic guitar tutor for my son for over a year and his confidence and understanding of guitar and music has really developed. Giles is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.

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Jazz Specialist
Logic, ProTools, Ableton and Guitar Specialist


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