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About Georgina

Georgina Maple, is a 28 years old a singer/songwriter and qualified teacher based in West Hampstead.

Her specialities are:
-Music Composition
-Logic and Sibelius
-Singing Lessons
-Music Theory
-GSCE Music
-Musical Theatre

Georgina's approach to teaching is very practical, for example, using kinesthetic methods with instruments, which help engage. She also uses humour as a tool to captivate students attention; being professional, friendly and welcoming; while still setting boundaries. Communication is very important in her lessons, making sure all information is clear and concise. Georgina therefore, use lots of repetition and reflection to help with engagement and understanding.

Georgina is an organised planner, she creates individual lesson plans for individual students. As well as, can create development data for individual student upon request. She does Logic Pro lessons; Songwriting or creating Film music. Music Theory lessons; Music elements, Music styles, Theory Tests or Edexcel/AQA music revision. As well as, Singing lessons; Vocal care, Pop music and Musical Theatre.

Georgina studied Music at university and earned a BA:1st . At university she focused on Performance, Musicology, Musical Theatre and Composition, using Logic Pro; developing on Diegetic sound and Foley. Georgina also created her own Music Business called The Life of Margo; an independent, Norwegian/ British short film told through and performed with live music. Georgina was creative director of this business and created the story-line; lyrics; melody; and the performer on this project. It was a large success and earned 83% as a final grade at university.

Since university Georgina has gained 2 years music teaching experience. She has learnt that building a rapport with students is crucial for them to have a rewarding education. Creating mutual understanding and respect; supporting pupils individuality in a way that they can have the most productive learning environment. E.g. what method of learning will work best for each student; if the student is visual or auditory learner.

As a person Georgina is an observant and lively individual. As a feminist she holds a large regard for empathy and having a contemporary outlook on life. She is a grade 8 singer with a lot of experience and...

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