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10 Years Experience
All Styles Covered
Fun and Engaging Lessons
Certified teacher in guitar, music theory, composition, improvisation, music production
From £13.95 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

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10 Years Experience
All Styles Covered
Fun and Engaging Lessons
Beginners Welcome
From £13.95 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

Replies in 3 h. and 43 min.

About Francesco B.

Francesco has been playing guitar since the age of 14 and has lived and taught in different countries around the world teaching classes to a range of students aged 6 - 60 years old. He holds a BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship from the University of Sussex and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education from Middlesex University.

He has been teaching since the age of 16 and one of his proudest achievements was becoming Head of the Guitar Department over at the True School of Music in Mumbai, India. There he created a core curriculum for 3 years of study and helped introduce many Indian students to western music, most of which has never heard of Motown or Jimi Hendrix! His passion for music is evident in his ongoing personal musical projects and session work for various artists both in the UK and around the world.

Teaching in Guitar
Francesco teaches guitar from beginner to advanced levels for ages 10 and up and students can expect a fun, flexible and engaging lesson that helps them meet their goals covering a range of styles and techniques like:

- Tuning your guitar.
- Open position chords and barre chords.
- Left and Right hand technique.
- Scales, Arpeggios and Modes.
- Correct posture and mobility exercises.
- Simple rhythms and ways to keep time effectively.
- Dissecting and playing your favourite riffs and solos.
- Improvisation skills.
- Legato fluidity and application.
- Performance anxiety techniques (because it can be tough playing in front of crowds).
- Fingerstyle, travis picking, modern acoustic, country.
- Picking techniques, flat picking, hybrid picking etc.
- Fretboard fluency.
- Notation and TAB reading.
- Extensions in chords and harmony.
- Composition techniques.
- Tone shaping - analog or digital.
- Music Theory.

A note on Practice.

Students are helped with creating and maintaining a manageable practice routine and relating all content learnt in class to what they are doing in their own lives albeit school exams, solo or band compositions or just for fun. Each lesson builds from the previous one and students are encouraged to set achievable goals for themselves so they can monitor their own progress.


Francesco teaches a range of genres from acoustic fingerstyle to old school soul and Motown, but he specialises in classic rock, metal and progressive music.

First lesson.

A typical first lesson with Francesco consists of a brief chat about what they want to get out of the instrument, what their musical likes and dislikes are, and to generally get a feel for what kind of person they are. Then a quick idea of their playing ability and/or experience with the instrument will be assessed and the lesson will continue from there.

All that is required for beginners is that they have their own instrument and a list of favourite bands and artists. Francesco will ensure that the early stages of their instrument practice will be both fun and applicable.

Guitarists can expect a more in depth study into the inner workings of the fretboard focusing on fluency and movement throughout the fretboard ‘outside’ of box shapes and taking a more intervalic approach to build more complex and interesting lines and chord vocabulary. 

To find out more about taking lessons with Francesco, hit the send message button on this page to get started!

Reviews of Francesco B. 5

Created at 06/07/20
Jean-Marc P.
After only 3 session with Francesco, I can already see clear and definite improvement with my playing! After playing guitar for a while but losing sight of what I needed to progress, he’s really been able to put me on the right track to improve and I couldn’t reccomend him more, whether it’s for beginners or people further on in their guitar playing journey :)
Created at 08/08/20
I'm having a great experience taking lessons from Francesco. He's very supportive, and goes works at my pace. I get communion and support outside the lesson (by eMail and video clips), and get given "homework" which helps with consisnaty and practice. Overall, I think my lessons with Francesco are helping name improve/learn those critical skills needed when beginning to play a guitar, and I can definitely see the difference in my ability.
Created at 23/08/20
Great teacher, great teaching methods, great guy! Francesco is a really patient teacher with great knowledge on guitar and an array of different techniques to improve guitar playing. Look forward to his lessons every week, so if you are looking to learn guitar I would highly recommend Francesco.
Created at 21/10/20
Awesome teacher, he explains everything in a crystal clear way; from techniques and hand positions to bar chords and note picking. I really enjoy my lessons with him!

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10 Years Experience
All Styles Covered
Fun and Engaging Lessons
Beginners Welcome


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