Fiorella Barbaro

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About Fiorella Barbaro

I have studied pedagogy which has thought me how to approach children, from the youngest age, and how to use music education to develop the musical, cognitive and emotional abilities that contribute to the growth of the child. Referring to older students, pedagogy, teaches us how to approach and explain in the right way, issues that they could be having when learning new skills.

In my opinion I am a very patient, emphathetic and enthusiastic teacher, I do love teaching as music has always been a passion for me, since I was very young; and with teaching I am able to transmit to students my passion towards music. I also have good communication skills, for instance, I teach music using and adapting different techniques and methods depending on the age and stage at which the student. I use clear and easy to understand explanations, always accompanied with examples. My lessons are always interactive and use the 4 main learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinaesthetic; as a teacher I constantly listen to the students and make learning fun. I like to plan every lesson ahead, so that each lesson is well and clearly structured; I also have high and realistic expectations and give rewards to students in order to motivate them to always give their best and not to get demotivated if somethings does not work out how we wanted to.

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