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I am an enthusiastic, committed and innovative flute teacher, with 23 years experience. I tailor my teaching to each pupil's needs and preferences, focusing on enjoyment, expression and quality technique. I maintain the interests of my pupils with empathy and an understanding of how to make music relevant and enjoyable to different types of people and ages, working within and beyond the usual classical musical boundaries.

My 23 years experience of flute teaching began at the age of 17, when I started teaching the flute privately to adults and children. I continued this until I left home to go to the University of Surrey. There I studied music and in the second year, I began working for Sutton College of Leaning for Adults, teaching flute to groups of adults. After graduating in 2002, I then began working for Surrey County Arts. I completed my PGCE in 2005. Alongside my flute teaching for Surrey County Arts, I also worked as a secondary music teacher at Hampton Community College, teaching Key Stage 3. I also held a position at Sunbury Manor School where I was GCSE music coordinator. There I provided an intensive course on the GCSE syllabus over two terms for a year eleven class. After completing this intensive course, the pupils achieved eighteen passes A*-E in this short period of time, with four pupils achieving a grade B in just six months of work. I take great pride that several of these pupils then went on to study music in further and higher education.

Whilst at Surrey County Arts, I taught as many as 100 pupils a week, establishing strong relationships with all my pupils and their parents. Through different approaches, I regained the interests of many pupils who had lost motivation, helping them to build their personal confidence and express themselves. Other roles whilst working for Surrey County Arts included: teaching whole class music and recorder clubs, tutoring a wind band, taking junior choir rehearsals and teaching Wider Opportunities (teaching whole classes to play the flute).

In 2010 I moved to London and worked for agencies as a teaching assistant and general primary teaching cover, before starting work for Haringey Music Service. In 2012 I moved to south London and since then have been teaching flute privately from my home.

I have a 100% pass rate for students I have entered for exams, with 88% achieving merits and distinctions. My main achievements in my teaching have been in the standards of playing I achieve through careful focus on technique. I work to make all areas of technique accessible to all ages and standards - but also maintain pupils' interests and enjoyment by choosing music they enjoy and through imaginative approaches to my teaching. For example I have rekindled the interests of teenagers who were losing interest by getting them to improvise to their favourite pop songs!

From the beginning, I teach students the correct techniques to facilitate optimal tone production in all dynamics and registers, and how to use their diaphragm to drastically improve breath control. From my experience, I have learned that there are common psychological and physical interactions that often cause lip and throat tension and reduced airflow, thereby making it difficult for students to reach the high notes. To aid with this, I have developed several effective and simple tone exercises and empowering visualisations, and am constantly evolving and developing new approaches together with my students.

Above all, it is my pleasure to hear my pupils playing expressively and being able to pass on the gift of music to others. I have been told I am an inspiration to my pupils, but they are also an inspiration to me! I have been lucky to teach people from age ranges 4-75. I work with each pupil to help them achieve the very best they can and get the most enjoyment out of the gift of music.

Alongside my teaching, I have had a wide range of playing experience, ranging from playing in various orchestras to exploring many different musical styles. I have involved myself in composing, improvising, recording and performing music with a wide range of musicians, forming many diverse projects and bands. I currently work as an internationally touring musician and music producer – performing live flute to my own electronic music compositions. I have toured many different countries, and make regular releases. In addition to this, I work as a session musician and am hired for a wide range of events in diverse styles of music - playing for weddings, funerals, corporate events, TV shows and pop singers. Feel free to contact me for reviews and recordings of my playing.


“I started to play the flute in May 2020 with Elaine. I was quite nervous and very unsure what to expect, starting as an adult. However, Elaine soon put me at my ease. She is a brilliant teacher who has helped me to overcome many hurdles, due to an adult learning an instrument! She is patient, calm and happy in her teaching, making you feel calm. And in those weeks when things are just not going right, she keeps you going. Elaine suggests extra music resources to practice notes and sounds you maybe struggling with. Her attention to detail is excellent! Even through ZOOM! She enables you to build a firm foundation for future playing. Elaine makes the flute fun to play, motivating you along the way. She has supported and helped me in many ways, as I suffer from ME. Elaine has shared meditation techniques and suggested finger and thumb supports for the flute to support my playing. Elaine has an obvious love and passion for playing the flute. Something which she is keen to share with you. Choosing Elaine to begin playing the flute has been one of the best decisions made this year.”

Alison Mitchell

“Elaine is an exceptional teacher. My daughter has been having lessons with her for 6 years now and recently passed her grade 6 with distinction. She has continued to work hard to keep my daughter interested, especially when she hit her teens and like many teenagers do - started to lose interest a bit. Elaine relates well to what interests young people and always keeps things fresh. She achieves a good balance between making things fun, whilst also being very meticulous when it comes to teaching technique and gives my daughter careful guidance with easy ways of achieving good technique in all aspects playing. My daughter also struggled with some personal problems at school and Elaine has been really kind, empathetic and caring and supported her during this time. It comes across that Elaine is really passionate about her job. She is an excellent player with an impressive performance background and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the flute.”

Lynn Daniels

“Elaine has been teaching my daughter the flute for the last 3 years. We switched from teaching at school, as I felt my daughter was missing too many lessons. She made so much more progress with Elaine, than she ever did at school. I also like that I have a relationship with Elaine and immediate feedback on progress and any issues, which I did not get with the school teacher. The flute is Elaine’s first instrument and clearly her passion and a passionate teacher always makes a bigger impact. My focus has been for my daughter to enjoy her flute rather than focusing on just passing exams. Elaine is very good at keeping her interested and varying the music. As well as the typical classical music you would expect, they sometimes cover pop songs, which my daughter particularly likes. At the moment they are working through the music from “The Greatest Showman” musical. Whilst exams are not a priority, they do provide something to aim for and a measure of progress so my daughter has taken exams. She passed her first grade exam with 98%, skipped the next one and passed grade 3 with a good merit. Clearly, she was well prepared. I cannot recommend Elaine enough.”

Elizabeth Holland

“I have been learning to play the flute, from scratch, with Elaine since August 2019. Elaine is a very experienced teacher with a lot of patience, insight, understanding and enthusiasm. When learning new techniques there is room for discussion and experimentation to find a method that works for me. Elaine is also very good at knowing when I should stop and consolidate techniques and when it is appropriate for me to move on and learn something new. Elaine is very sharp and vigilant: any rhythm errors are quickly picked up on and dealt with; dynamics are expected to be played with accuracy and consistency (no room for slack every now and then!); anything that I forget to practice (such as playing a single note for up to 20 seconds) is usually discovered and I am advised to keep practicing the stuff that is important, but that can be a bit mundane. Elaine is quick to praise and recognises straight away when I play something well. Elaine is lovely to learn with. She has plenty of humour, makes the lessons interesting and lively and is versatile with her approach to teaching. She is professional, honest and clear in her teaching, reliable and punctual with her organisation.”

Linda Drewett

Reviews of Elaine R.

Created at 11/01/22
Linda D. Reference
Elaine is patient, reliable, firm and empathetic. She is experienced and is able to tailor the lesson to meet the needs/age of the individual.
Created at 12/01/22
Cathy H. Reference
Elaine is a great teacher - helpful, supportive, encouraging, positive. As well as making me feel comfortable in my lessons she pushes me gently into trying things that are new to me, like improvisation.


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