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Violin, Fiddle, Improvisation, Music Theory


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Beginners / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Professional

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Reviews of Dirk

4.7 (3)

Yolande M.

Created at 07/09/23

Dirk is an exceptional teacher, he's very patient, calm and incredibly knowledgeable. My son has been thriving under his guidance. No two lessons are the same, because of Dirk's extensive knowledge base he can quickly pull up a new tune, new rhythm, new tempo to try. The lessons are creative, relaxed and fun.

Luke D.

Created at 06/09/23

Five years ago, I had a series of less-than-amicable experiences with my previous tutor and so I approached the violin with an excessive level of anxiety and insecurity. However, Dirk’s calm demeanour and gentle enthusiasm allowed me to enjoy playing again and properly refine my technique. With consistent feedback and exercises for improvement, your playing really will progress to the next level.

Carol M.

Created at 12/05/23

I was contemplating my musical pedigree and realised that as far as I can recall, across five generations of extended family, there is not a single relative who plays a musical instrument. That is not to say we don’t like music ; far from it, I just think we are inherently lazy and would rather be entertained than go to the inconvenience of having to perform. For poor old Dirk, this is a very low skill base from which to work and given I am now in my 60’s, is it feasible that an old dog like me, who has more hair in his ears than on his head, could be taught a new trick? Hell yes! And I am loving it. Dirk is an empathetic, intuitive, responsive teacher who, in the 3 months under his tutoring, has nurtured my enthusiasm, assisted me in overcoming any challenges at a pace that is comfortable and unpressured. The first tune I learned (Swallowtail jig) took six weeks, whereas the latest tune (Cliffs of Moher) I have rattled out within two. I openly admit my renditions sound nothing like a practiced fiddler, but here is the value Dirk adds. His knowledge, experience and ability to adjust my foibles makes a significant difference. Practice as much as you like, but without the technique and artistry Dirk imparts, you will never have the skillset to succeed. I am an old geezer who calls it how I see it and I cannot recommend Dirk highly enough. If he has the patience and fortitude to teach me, then what do you think he can do with someone who has a modicum of talent. A five-star rating every day of the week, make no mistake. Iain Mackay

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From £42.00 / 60 min.

Average response time: 5h

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