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About Darren

Voice - Body - Mind Unity

Hello, I'm Darren, a voice specialist based in Scotland also working remotely online.

What can you expect in lessons?

The first lesson focus on establishing a starting point. We will discuss your interests in relation to singing and voice use including the areas you’re interested in developing. It is useful to bring a song that you’re happy to sing this can be anything.

Exploring the songs you’re interested will act as anchor that we will stem off to vocally explore, highlight and clarify certain elements of singing.
These may include:
- Pitching and Intonation
- Vocal Range
- Dynamics and Volume
- Vowels and Resonance
- Articulation
- Text Interpretation
- Breathing
- Phonating
- Vocal Tone and Qualities
- Vocal Health

I have a Masters Degree in Professional Voice Practice from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and have taught voice in some of the leading universities, drama schools, conservatoires and colleges across the UK. I have worked with a vast range of ages, abilities and styles.

Message me by clicking on the 'Message' button to find out more about lessons.

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