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Certified teacher in guitar, music production
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From £16.00 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

About Codi M.

Codi is a Bristol based guitar teacher specialising in Rock, Metal and Blues styles with an extensive knowledge of the techniques and theory that define those genres. Codi’s guitar journey began when he was 15 years old listening to rock and metal bands such as Metallica, Guns N Roses and great players such as Eric Clapton and Steve Vai, who pushed the limits of guitar playing to new levels. This led to Codi developing a strong passion for the instrument, which he now hopes to pass onto his students.

Codi provides a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to learning guitar through a series of fun and productive lessons shaped to meet your individual needs as a guitar player.

Beginners Teaching Approach:
Depending on where you are at in your guitar journey, we will first work out what your goals are as a guitar player and musician to help develop an effective lesson plan to ensure you meet them fast! This will involve an in-depth discussion on your music tastes and time available to dedicate to your practise routine.

Some initial areas to focus on will include:
- Understanding the instrument, Anatomy of the Guitar!
- Reading Guitar Tablature
- Tuning your guitar
- Chords and Strumming Patterns
- Finger strength patterns and lead playing.
- Learning one of your favourite songs step by step

Experienced Guitarist Teaching Approach:
When teaching a more experienced guitar player it’s important to identify any bad habits or areas that need more work than others to develop a strong foundation for technique. This is done through exercises that incorporate technique into music theory to ensure that lessons can be implemented when writing and improvising when jamming with a band.

More advanced topics will include:
- Scales and using the Modes
- Fingerstyle playing
- The CAGED system
- Arpeggios and Sweep picking
- Different picking techniques and scale runs

and much more....

Final thoughts!
Learning guitar can be very overwhelming at first, especially with the heaps of information that’s now available to us online which can easily mislead you on your journey. When learning with a structured practise routine and positive mind set, you will find guitar to be a very fun and rewarding experience that you will never regret!

Reviews of Codi M.

Created at 28/03/22
Sarah L. Reference
Codi has a younger brother and sister who is excellent with. He is a great guitarist and in general a very nice, kind and positive person. I feel he would get a lot out of this opportunity and that he would inspire others.
Created at 29/03/22
Louisa M. Reference
I have been Codi's Line Manager since he joined our company 3 years ago. I have worked closely with him and have no hesitation in recommending him to provide great music lessons.


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