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Certified teacher in improvisation, music theory, composition, piano, singing, saxophone, flute, brass, guitar
From £32.00 / 45 min.

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From £32.00 / 45 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 15 h. and 11 min.

About Claude Alexander

Hello! Here's a summary of Claude Alexander's "All Instrumentalists and Singers" music teaching practice.

Claude lives in Leytonstone, London (E11) and teaches at home and remotely. While he teaches within most western music genres, from pop/rock and R&B to western classical and musical theatre, he specialises in jazz and developing that skill set, such as improvising within a song's musical structure. Whatever the focus, the curriculum for every student is tailored collaboratively to meet their interests and needs.

Along with essential practical skills development, classic and modern music theory, composing and lyric writing, Claude's expertise also includes providing ‘real music’ practising routines for developing universal skills in all keys (regardless of instrument/voice type or music genre) and a unique approach for singers that builds their stand-alone confidence (i.e. so there’s no dependence on singing in unison with a piano). While this can (but doesn’t have to) include vocal improvising ('scat' singing), 'vocalese' and lyric writing, the approach is based on classic routines for developing vocal and general musicianship.

Claude has taught music privately and in schools and further education since January 2000 to all ages (16+) of singers, pianists and players of most common instruments and at all levels of experience up to advanced pro, including those working towards music related qualifications. He is DBS certified, has both an honours degree in music education and qualified teacher status (QTS) and has completed other related training.

For those interested in jazz, it is likely to be of interest that Claude studied for over a decade with one of jazz’s most revered and sophisticated musicians, the tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh, a colleague of both the innovative (and blind) jazz pianist and teacher Lennie Tristano and their renowned contemporary, Charlie Parker.

While Claude typically teaches at home, he is happy to teach remotely. For in-person lessons, he lives only a 5-minute walk from the Central Line's Leytonstone tube station – or if you prefer to drive, parking is free on his street. In any case, he’d be happy to speak with you about either lesson type, to hear about your musical goals and interests and answer any questions. A phone conversation is usually more efficient and comprehensive for this than email or texting.

While buying single (one-off) lessons is an option, it's the most expensive one. Instead, Claude would typically recommend buying lessons in larger, more economical blocks, as they offer - at no extra cost - a payment plan option and if needed, a full refund of any unused lessons. Whatever your choice, he will certainly look forward to addressing your learning needs and interests, listening to your feedback and helping to propel your musical journey.

Reviews of Claude Alexander

Created at 21/02/22
Herbert W. Reference
Claude is a very good musician and teacher, skilled at playing several instruments.
Created at 25/02/22
Bethany M. Reference
Claude is very attentive and passionate. He has really tailored his lessons to me and what I am interested in learning. He is especially great for any students interested in learning jazz. His knowledge is expansive. Our lessons are fun!


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