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Ableton Specialist
Logic Specialist
10 Years Experience
Certified teacher in piano, music production, music theory, keyboard
From £16.20 / 30 min.

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Ableton Specialist
Logic Specialist
10 Years Experience
Beginners Welcome
From £16.20 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

Replies in +100 hour

About Chantelle S.

Chantelle is an accomplished teacher, composer, pianist, vocalist and audio engineer. She has been playing, performing and composing music for more than 30 years and she has been teaching for nearly 10.

Chantelle learnt classical piano in her younger years, played and sang in a variety of bands and also went on to be a DJ as a young adult. She continued to develop her love of creating sound by delving into the world of electronic music production nearly 20 years ago. She went on to train as a studio engineer, receiving a Diploma in Audio Engineering and Technology form SSR in Manchester.

Chantelle has more than a decade of gigging experience, along with an in depth understanding of the music industry having managed her solo project for 13 years. A multi-instrumentalist, she has written and produced music for a variety of artists from hip hop, experimental electro, singer song writer to extreme performance artists. Chantelle has also composed music for theatre productions, art exhibitions and several innovative circus and dance companies both in the UK and abroad.

Learning to play an instrument of any kind brings you joy and pleasure throughout life, challenges you mentally and often physically. The patience and dedication of learning an instrument gives you transferable skills to all manner of activities.

'Chantelle is a very intuitive teacher and knows how to structure the lessons to what you actually want and need. She is patient, clear and fun to learn with. She's just as excited as you that you're getting to play music!' - Kristie, Manchester.

Learning the Piano with Chantelle
Chantelle teaches beginner to advanced piano for students of 7yrs to infinity. Younger students can be considered.
Her lessons will introduce great technique along with a wide range of influences, from Chopin to Metallica!

Chantelle is dedicated to tailoring the lessons to you and what you want to learn, but will include:
- An understanding of the building blocks of music, scales, arpeggios and how to keep them interesting
- Regular tips and tricks for maintaining a good practise routine
- Posture and correct hand/body position at the piano
- Best ways to practise to ensure good use of time
- Gradual and intuitive introduction to reading sheet music
- Musical theory and composition
- Sight reading
- Exercises to explore the sounds of the piano and develop your skills and strength
- Aural training and development
- Understanding musical notation and playing piano with and without sheet music

Music Theory: Learning piano and music theory for Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)
Chantelle demystifies the piano and music theory for music producers. Whether you have been a producer forever or are just starting, you will be a much better producer, music maker and all round musician if you understand the basic building blocks of music. DAWs use the piano roll extensively so let’s get to it!
You must be able to use a computer and have access to some kind of keyboard hardware - 48 keys or above preferable.

Expect to learn:
- Basic music theory including some notation and understanding of chord charts
- An understanding of the building blocks of music, notes, scales, arpeggios and how to use them
- How to build and use scales in different keys
- Beginner to advanced chord progressions, structures and voicing
- Some basic techniques for live performances
- Posture and hand position
- How to expand your existing ideas into more interesting and colourful compositions
- Theory of sound and audio production
- What music does to your brain and how

Music Production: Learning to use DAWs with Chantelle including: Ableton, Logic, Protools and more
Whether you want to record your podcast, compose and produce music or take music production grades, Chantelle can teach you everything you need to know. Covering a variety of styles and genres, she can even help you in the early stages by recommending DAWs that will suit what you want to do including which hardware will suit your setup/demands.

Expect to learn:
- Basic to advanced theory and application of sound, audio and recording techniques
- Mixing techniques and applications
- Integrating software and hardware
- How to get creative and come up with new ideas
- Music theory and applications, (see above for learning piano and music theory for DAWs)
- Basic to advanced functions of your chosen DAW and how to transfer these between others
- Synthesisers and how to use them
- Production techniques and tips
- Dynamic controllers and how to best use them
- Virtual instruments, midi and programming
- Basic to advanced mastering

Chantelle teachings cover many genres from classical, jazz and film music to pop, dance and hiphop. Her specialism is electronic and she loves swing and ragga jungle. From her own experience, she know how important it is to learn the music that moves you and tries to find the music that suits each individual student.

First Lesson
This does depends on your age:

- A young beginner can expect to be made to feel comfortable, explore the full range of the piano, play some games and learn 1 piece of music.

- An older beginner will also be made to feel comfortable, given some advise on technique and some basic exercises and scales including an explanation of the wonders of how and why they sounds so good and hopefully learn 1 piece of music.

- A music producer wanting to learn more about the keys will have the secret code to scales unleashed and will feel like they suddenly 'get it' a bit more.

- A budding music producer will learn how to create a basic song in their chosen DAW and be given videos to watch to learn more.

All students should come wide eyed and excited - no matter how many lessons you have with me, you will feel like you have achieved something. Bring a notebook, 3 pieces of music that you would love to play if you could play the piano virtuoso right now and a song/artist you love.

Reviews of Chantelle S. 5

Created at 20/09/20
Chantelle gives keyboard lessons to my little boy who is 6 and she is a great teacher. Engaging, motivating and great with children. My son enjoys his lessons and has already learned a lot. Highly recommend.
Created at 02/11/20
Caroline M.
Chantelle is a lovely lady, very pleasant and patient. Explains everything in detail. I very much enjoy my lessons with her. Learning to play a keyboard is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have just finished my lesson with Chantelle today and I am already looking forward to my next one.

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Ableton Specialist
Logic Specialist
10 Years Experience
Beginners Welcome


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