Benjamin Matthew Jones

Benjamin Matthew Jones

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Average response time: 0 h. and 22 min.

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Reviews of Benjamin Matthew Jones

Abi O.

Created at 28/06/22

Mr Benjamin Jones is an excellent cello teacher who has taught and supported my child and other cello students in their respective learning. His professional tutoring standard and keen effort has massively helped with my child's interest and progress in learning. I am confident that Mr Jones would make an exemplary impact in the teaching and supporting he is required to offer to prospective music students.

Michael R.

Created at 01/07/22

Ben recently did some cover work for us for cello lessons and the feedback I got from pupils and parents was excellent. I think Ben's a natural teacher and have enjoyed working with him.

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From £25.00 / 30 min.

Average response time: 0 h. and 22 min.

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