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About Anna H

Anna is a violinist, composer and singer based in Newcastle. She comes from a classically trained background with many years of experience playing various genres. She has a passion for traditional music performance, composition and music teaching. Anna has just graduated from Newcastle University.

Learning Music with Anna
Anna teaches voice, violin (and fiddle), and folk composition, from beginners to advanced students ages 5 and up. Lessons will be tailored to each pupil’s individual needs and can include: music reading and theory, learning by ear, preparation towards graded examinations, musical wellbeing, technique and repertoire building. Anna has taken courses where she learnt extensive methods of managing physical and mental symptoms of being a musician, the importance of breathing/movement, relaxation and concentration exercises, how to improve practice technique and how to avoid injury. This is something she strives to incorporate in to her lessons, helping with learning and development and inspiring the joy of music!

Anna teaches violin of all genres (but specialises in folk music), and folk/traditional singing.

First lesson
Anna will start a first lesson with an informal chat, introducing you to her methods but more importantly, working out exactly what you want to get out of these lessons. Here she will write down what you are looking to achieve so that she is able to plan her lessons accordingly. She will then move on to an introduction of various aspects of teaching that she incorporates, in order to give new pupils a taste of what is to come. She will do warm ups and exercises to make a new student feel comfortable, whilst making sure they are actively learning from day one.

Just bring your instrument and an open mind and we will take it from there! Anna likes to write in a book as the lesson goes so that pupils can have something to take away and practise from, so a small jotter/exercise book is always handy. If there is any music students already have, or anything they would like to work towards, bring that too.

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