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About Andrew Kinnear

My belief is that learning anything, and especially an instrument, should be an enjoyable experience. My early musical education was an example to me of how not to teach - full of dry scales and arpeggios, dull pieces I had no interest in playing and a complete lack of inspiration.

My focus then is strongly on creativity, improvisation and enjoyment. This includes various games for children, as well for willing adults. Please note I do not offer graded exams or preparation for grades. I am also only available for online lessons at this time.

I'm 36 and graduated from LCCM in London with a 2:1 Bmus in Music performance and production (guitar). After composing music for film and animation, as well as gigging in London, I went on to complete a masters in Music and Sonic Media from Sussex University with a distinction. My teaching has gone alongside other music work since 2010.

I have taught mainly children for the past 10 or so years, with the occasional adult here and there. Most of my students are beginners, in a pop/rock genre. However I do also teach flamenco, classical, jazz and blues to an intermediate level. I also teach songwriting, music production, and English.

For our first lesson you can expect a chat so we can get to know each other a little, what you want to reach for with the guitar, what genres/artists you like and then move on from there to the basics (if you're a beginner) or straight into some material if you are an improver. It is worth considering what you want to achieve playing the guitar, i.e. to play songs and sing, play awesome solos, impress a lover ;) or just see what it's like to learn an instrument!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

I wish you all the best with learning this most wonderful instrument!

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