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About Amy

With over ten years experience, Amy offers online record production and composition lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Graduating from The Glasgow School of Art with a Master of Design in Sound for the Moving Image and signing international publishing/recording deals during her career, Amy's experience as a producer and composer provides students with modern production techniques needed to create cutting edge music.

Amy specialises in Ableton Live with a focus on music production techniques. Modern composition students also welcome as sound design and sound for screen lesson plans are also available. Lessons will also include music theory, songwriting, and instrumentation to help students reach their full potential.

Your first lesson will involve establishing your musical background (all levels welcome!) and aspirations to move forward. Lessons will take place online, with teaching materials shared digitally. One 60minute lesson every week or so would allow adequate time to produce and practice techniques discussed in class.

Lessons will be tailored to the individual, and students can expect a structured yet fun learning environment where they feel empowered to express themselves through music.

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