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About Alex

Hello, I’m Alex. Thanks for visiting my profile!

I am a musician and have been since before the age of five. After 25+ years of playing the piano, passing on the knowledge and experience gained in that time has led me to teaching and helping to inspire others on their music journey and experience with learning an instrument.

I'm really fond of helping people find their feet with music, setting goals, and seeing outstanding achievement, and I really care about communication, trust, respect, persistence, creativity, and growth.

Starting out from an early age, I vividly remember the fascination with a small keyboard that my parents bought me where the keys flashed when played and playing the song ‘Do-Ray-Me’ from the Sound of Music to get into the school band. Now, I have found that this early experience definitely helps with soothing the nerves of complete beginners choosing to learn piano.

Bringing my whole self to the world of teaching helps connect the experience with passing the grades, playing in front of others, playing in bands, theatre shows, musical directing, and all of the behind the scenes hard work it took to achieve the glamourous side, with the new and upcoming musician to show how both the theory side and the practical sides of music are crucial to one another.

Successful completion of the ABRSM Piano Syllabus up to Grade 7 and Music Theory to Grade 5 opened a lot of doors for me and I am sure it will for anyone who wants to explore that path. However, even if grades are not of interest, simply learning just for the fun of it comes with all the same benefits as learning for grades.

The benefits of learning the piano in particular spread much further than just the black and white keys. It is not just for kids, it’s for adults too! It has been studied and discovered that there are many intellectual, emotional, personal, social, and physical benefits to learning and playing the piano. Why not call me, or send a message to discuss these benefits in more
detail before you decide to commit to lessons?

During my early years I played with all the school bands on piano and occasionally bass guitar. This extended locally and internationally to Belgium and Holland. After completing GCSE music there was a natural progression into playing in bands.

This evolved into dramatic societies where I played in shows like ‘Chitty Ch...

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