Aivaras B.

Certified teacher in drums, drum kit, keyboard, music theory, composition, logic pro, music production
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From £18.00 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 0 h. and 53 min.

About Aivaras B.

Aivaras is a Bachelor's performance graduate with over 10 years of experience, specialised in drums. Aivaras has been giving drum lessons covering from the most fundamental basics to advanced concepts for over 4 years.

Aivaras is well versed in music theory, music composition, music and audio production. He sees teaching as a way to translate complex and overlooked topics in the most easily understandable and applicable ways so his students can feel confident, motivated and eager when learning with him!

Drum Lessons

Aivaras teaches from beginners to advanced students from age 5 and up. He creates a very comfortable and safe mistake-making environment so students can feel very relaxed and stress-free when studying with him. His methodology encourages students to constantly thrive to get better and challenge themselves with carefully crafted practice routines

Drum Lessons Layout:

- Correct techniques for hands and feet
- Correct posture
- Importance of subdivisions
- Playing to the metronome, playing without it to develop inner time and playing along to tracks
- Styles such as rock, metal, funk, hip hop, jazz, latin
- Double bass playing
- Improvisation
- Odd groupings
- How to apply technical concepts to creativity

Music Theory Lessons Layout:

- Reading sheet music
- Understanding rhythm
- Scales, chords, chord voicing, chord progressions, chord extensions and many others
- Key signatures, circle of fifths
- Polyrhythms and polymeters, permutations, displacements and syncopation
- Metric modulations
- Key modulations
- Using these tools in practice

Music Composition and Music Production Lessons Layout:

- Basics of sketching
- Orchestrating the sketch
- Working with sample libraries
- Setting up templates
- Overtone Series in depth analysis
- Working with Logic and its workflow
- Mixing the track, balancing, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, parallel processing and many others


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