Singing with Little Ones

Sing10 Idea Number 2: Singing with Little Ones

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We are very honoured to work with Kathryn and Hannah from the brilliant charity Made with Music.

The clip displayed below features some wonderful advice about how to nurture and harness a child’s natural fascination and curiosity with all things musical.

Be warned there are some very cute examples in here that really capture how natural singing comes to a child, it's the perfect example of how we're all born with the ability to sing!

Using Kathryn and Hannah's advice, mums and dads will have a clearer understanding of how to support young children as they begin their explorations in music and singing.

We recommend that you check the link above for more info on Made with Music and all the great work they do.

This clip is part of our campaign to get the nation singing in July with "Sing10". There's loads more great content and inspiration to get you singing!.

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