Rhythm Bandit

Monkey Sing, Monkey Doh!

The all singing, all banana eating pitch game!

We present to you, Monkey Sing, Monkey Doh!, the game that helps you tell your Doh from your Re from your Me.

In this game our friendly monkey, Marcel, will give you a starting note then sing you a series of notes. All you have to do is recognise the note names that he sings and drag the notes into the correct positions on the stave. Easy! The more notes you move into the correct position, the more bananas our little gets to eat.

How does it work?

You must select one of 3 levels, which will determine the length of the chain of notes that Marcel will sing, and also the range of those notes:

- Beginner Monkey 3 notes (within middle C to G)

- Intermediate Monkey 5 notes (within middle C and octave above)

- Super Virtuoso Mega Monkey 8 notes (within middle C and octave above)

You can also choose whether or not you want to hear the notes play as you drag them across the stave and into position (this makes it a bit easier!)

A game consists of 5 rounds. Once the round begins, bananas will be lowered, which you need to try to win for Marcel. He will give you a reference note (middle C) then sing the phrase. You will see some notes below the stave – all you have to do is grab them with the cursor and drag them into place on the stave. You ask the monkey to sing the notes again if you are not sure. Once the notes are in the positions you want them, click 'OK' and you will see how many bananas you have won for him. Then you will move on to the next round.

We hope that you can keep the monkey well fed!