Backing tracks

Practice Guitar With Backing Tracks

A great way to practice your guitar playing is to improvise over pre-recorded backing tracks. We've gathered some of our favourite tracks from Youtube for your convenience.

See below for the tracks sorted by genre. Get jamming! Rock on!

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Jazz Funk

This backing track falls into the genre of jazz-funk. You can play either the B minor pentatonic scale or the B dorian scale to this track. It's has a great vibe, and almost sounds like something John Scofield might play. Enjoy!

Jazz Fusion

This track is in the key of D minor. It features three sections, and you can see the chords being played here:

A: Dm / Dm / Dm /Dm / Gm / Gm / Dm7 / Dm7 /
Bbm7 / Bbm7 / Dm7 / Dm7 /

B: FM7 / Cm7 / B7#5 / BbM7 / Eb7 /
FM7 / B7#5 / BbM7 / Eb7 /

C: F6 / Fdim7 / Gm7 / Em7b5 / A7

Heavy Metal

Now we're in seriously heavy territory! This one is great for shredding in E minor and practicing your technique.


This is a fairly straight-forward backing tracks, built on a blues-progression. The track is in G minor, and you can play either the G minor pentatonic, G minor or G dorian scale. Enjoy!


This is a fairly simple backing track which falls somewhere between country and blues. It is based on a blues-progression in the key of E minor.

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