Piano Teachers in Edinburgh

Many people with no musical background don't know where to start to find a suitable piano teacher, so here is some advice on how to choose effectively.

First of all, find out how much piano teaching experience they have and whether or not they have any relevant qualifications or teacher training. Not having a qualification doesn't mean that they are a bad teacher, but you might want to ask them what professional experience they have at piano. Don't be afraid to ask for contact details of at least one current or past pupil it's always useful to get other students' opinions.

Next, find out what kind of piano styles and repertoire they teach, to see if it matches your own preferences and expectations. Establish their teaching methods and whether it not it includes graded piano exams. How do they monitor your progress and what do they expect you to do between one lesson and the next? Also, it's good to know whether or not they will want you to join ensembles outside of the lesson, and if they can point you in the right direction with that.

Sorting out the business side of things is really important to prevent misunderstandings at a later date find out their payment terms and conditions, especially when it comes to paying for cancelled or missed lessons etc.

Parents should sit in on children's piano lessons on a fairly regular basis if possible check that the teacher is ok with this.

Ask if they are a member of a professional body such as the Musicians' Union, the European Piano Teachers Association or the ISM although no concrete guarantee of quality, membership of such bodies displays a certain commitment to professionalism and usually means that they are fully insured in terms of public liability.

That should be everything you need to know when it comes to finding the perfect piano teacher in Edinburgh so why not get started now?

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