Personal advertisement

Personal ad

We want to go the extra mile for you! Our marketing team at is constantly working on getting more students for you. However we would like to personalize our marketing towards each individual music tutor. Therefore we are now offering to create ads on a variety of channels (including; facebook, instagram and google) for your personal teacher profile.

This is how it works:

Send us a short video in which you are introducing yourself as a music tutor in your instruments. (15-30 seconds) Note: This video does NOT have to be professional, clipped well, or recorded with an expensive camera. An iPhone is more than enough. Just be personal and honest. That's how we get the best results for the advertisement of your profile.

What do we do for you?

  • We'll make the Facebook ad and text for you.
  • We pay for the advertising and get your name and profile out to the right audience.
  • We make sure people see your profile and send you a message through our platform.

  • Here's what other tutors have gained from getting a personal ad (in the first 10 days):

  • Tutor 1 has gained 135 extra visitors on his teacher profile
  • Tutor 2 has gained 408 extra visitors on her teacher profile
  • Tutor 3 has gained 185 extra visitors on his teacher profile

  • All you have to do is make a short video that you send to us - recorded with your phone - and we will take care of the rest and get more students for you!