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Welcome to The Online Recording Studio

Welcome to The Online Recording Studio – Now there's a simple way for you to work with top producers, experienced sessions musicians, and bring your vision to life. And…all for a great price! The Online Recording Studio REVOLUTIONIZES the recording process, and yeah… you can do EVERYTHING online!

Bring your songs to life with The Online Recording Studio

Do you want to work with top producers, pro session musicians, and experienced engineers to take your music to the next level and ready for publishing? Then you should most certainly get in touch with our friends and partner at

Booking in studio time can be a complicated and expensive process. Most studios will charge by the hour with additional costs for a producer, session players, mixing, mastering, and then there's the legal costs of copyright ownership. More often than not, the whole process ends up being a lot more expensive than you expected. Not with The Online Recording Studio. As part of, you can save additional 15% on your next project with, simply use the discount code 'MUSICTUTORS' when scheduling your next session.

Save 15% on your session with The Online Recording Studio

As part of Musictutors you will be able to save 15% on your project with The Online Recording Studio, that way we hope to inspire even more of our teachers and students to get their music out to the public

What service are you looking for?

The online recording studio is giving you the full package, they work with top producers, pro session musicians, and highly skilled engineersit's. It's easy to get started and cheaper then traditional studio sessions.

  1. Production & Recording

  2. Mixing & Mastering

  3. Promotion

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