Name that Note

Name that Note!

The online note-reading workout for music students

Welcome to Name That Note, the online note-reading workout for music students!

To play the game you first select the clef you wish to use. Then pick one of the three different levels:

Beginner - this will only test you on notes within the 5 line of the stave with a 10 second time limit per note.

Intermediate - this level will test you on notes within the 5 lines of the stave plus notes outside it on, above or below the first ledger line. The time limit per note is 6 seconds.

Virtuoso - for the accomplished student, this level uses up to 3 ledger lines and has a time limit of only 3 seconds per note. When the game starts, you will see a note on the stave - when you think you know what note it is, click on the corresponding letter beneath the stave.

You need to be quick though as there is a time limit for each note. If you identify the note correctly you get 10 points. If you get it wrong you lose 5 points. Once you have guessed, or if you run out of time, the game moves on to the next note. The game is played against the clock (the green dial), so once time is up, the game is over and your score is displayed.

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