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The Musicians' Union

The Musicians' Union was founded in 1893 and has a long-standing and eminent reputation for its commitment to the highest professional standards and is recognised as being the most appropriate union for musicians who teach. Accordingly we are proud to highlight those teachers who are members.

Why should you join the Musicians' Union?

Everyone who plays an instrument knows that it can be a source of tremendous enjoyment. But if you have ambitions to make all or part of your living from any kind of music then it can become a serious business. You will need the help of the only organisation that cares about every kind of musician.

The Musicians' Union is the largest organisation for musicians in the UK and its services can save you more than the cost of membership. Benefits are extensive and include a huge range of professional support and advice, £10 million PLI £2000 instrument insurance, access to personal injury, employment and contact lawyers and exclusive training and continuous development opportunities. The Musicians' Union provides you with a professional network that you cannot afford to be without. Read more about what it can do for you.