John Scofield

John Scofield - An Icon of Jazz Funk

John Scofield, sometimes referred to simply as Sco, is an American guitarist who was played with many of the biggest names in jazz, blues and rock. Scofield received his education at the renowned Berklee College of Music, an instution which has educated many a famous musician. It was here that he laid the foundations for his career as one of the most influential guitarists in modern jazz. Scofield has his own playing style, in which he mixes jazz and blues, often with a funky vibe.

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John Scofield Teaches The Basics Of Improvisation

In this video, John Scofield shows us how to improvise in jazz music. The video runs through the various "jazz scales", and shows us how to use them. It is a great video for anyone interested in playing jazz guitar. Much of what John Scofield teaches in this video can be applied to other musical genres and instruments.

Scofield Has Played With Miles Davis

In 1982, Scofield was invited to join Miles Davis' band. He stayed with the band for three and a half years, and contributed guitar parts to three albums. Since leaving Miles Davis' band, he has had an illustrious solo career and released several highly lauded albums. His albums have spanned a variety of genres, but his distinctive playing style always makes it clear that Sco is the mastermind behind each album.

One of his more famous releases is the album "A Go Go". The album is firmly in the jazz funk category, with Sco's soloing and melodic sensibilities making an instant impression. In later years, Scofield has shared the stage with John Mayer, and their arrangement of "I Don't Need No Doctor" has become particularly famous. In the video below you can hear the title track from "A Go Go".

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