How Do I Confirm a Lesson?

How Do I Confirm a Lesson?

Before you can confirm a lesson, three things need to be in place. This guide assumes that the following three things are confirmed:

  1. You need to have access to your login details. If you’re unsure of how to access your account, check out our guide for How to Log in for the First Time. or I've Forgotten my Password.

  2. You need to have been in contact with your teacher or your music service / hub, who will usually have arranged the date and time of the lesson with you in advance. This will be either via an email or telephone call, or through a message in your inbox at musicteachers. To access your inbox, simply login and navigate to the ‘Inbox’ tab inside your account. If you’re having trouble, check out our guide on Sending & Receiving Messages.

  3. You will need to be happy with the date and time of the lesson. If the time proposed is not possible for you, contact your teacher directly (via your inbox), or your music service / hub via email / telephone.

Step One - Navigate to the ‘Confirm Lessons’ Screen.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. You will have received an email notification from us telling you that you have a new message. By clicking the green ‘Login to your profile’ button here, you can login and be taken directly to your inbox.

    • Here, you can see communication from your teacher and also a button which takes you to the ‘confirm lesson’ screen:

  2. Login to be taken to your dashboard. From here, the upcoming lesson will be shown with a green button ‘Confirm now’ next to it. Click the button.

Step Two - Confirm the Lesson Details

  • In the lesson confirmation screen, the student name, the date and time of the lessons will be displayed. If the information displayed is correct, you can click ‘Go to next step’. If it is not, decline by clicking the green tick. In this example, 1 out of the 2 lessons are correct, the first lesson has been clicked. This gives the instruction to decline that lesson.

  • Next, you’ll be taken to the final page. Simply click the green button ‘Confirm’ and you are done! Your receipt for the confirmation will appear and these lessons are now ready to go.

NB: all billing and invoicing is handled by your music service. You will not be charged by musictutors.

Your Lesson is Now Confirmed!

To enter the lesson:

  • A few minutes before your lesson, log in and enter the dashboard.

  • In the ‘Lessons this month’ section, you can see the words “Go to Online Classroom”. Click here to enter your lesson.

Need more help?

Please contact your music service / hub for more information.