Become a music tutor

Become a Music Tutor with the UK's New Online Music School!

Are you passionate about teaching music? Tired of constantly chasing payments and feeling bogged down in administrative tasks? Not sure how to promote yourself as a music tutor? Then you can check out MusicTutors to become one of our new tutors! We are a new music lesson platform dedicated to promoting the power of music as a force for good and getting as many people as possible to experience this power for themselves. 

We can’t imagine life without music in it.  First hand, we have seen how music has the power to transform lives, improve health and wellbeing, increase skills in problem solving, creativity and teamwork. Scientific research shows that music making is one of the most beneficial things a human being can do for themselves and we want as many people as possible to experience this for themselves. Consequently our mission can be summed up in two words - More Music!

The platform is designed to be really easy to use for both our music tutors and our students. Firstly, all aspects of communication, lesson scheduling and payment are all handled inside the platform - saving you both time and headspace!  

Secondly, we have an easy and secure music lesson booking system and payment solution. In addition, You can see an overview of all music lessons you've taught in a calendar month and then you'll get paid for them all at once! Say goodbye to chasing payments and say hello to easy planning of your finances! 

Lastly, we take safeguarding really seriously. You will have access to industry leading policies for safeguarding and child protection. We only work with high-quality and professional music tutors. If you have a University or Conservatoire degree or a minimum of 4 years experience as a music tutor we want to hear from you! 

Why tutor with us?

  • Smart payment system and no more chasing payments! 
  • Be part of our mission to make the UK a more musical place! 
  • Flexible calendar system for booking and cancelling lessons
  • Be part of a professional, nationwide music network - access to CPD and support from our expert team
  • We keep students and music tutors safe. We offer tutors going to students for the first time a 'safety call' - making sure everything is OK for you. 
  • The web platform is constantly developing to make your life as a music teacher easier in order for you to focus on teaching. We are developing tools to help the teaching and learning of music! 
  • Big budget marketing on Google, Facebook, and other online platforms
  • Fast, secure student communication

What does offer?

At we can offer private music lessons in many different instruments for all levels and ages, throughout the country!  

Solo lessons

If a student wants solo music lessons they just have to find and contact the right music tutor for them on the website. Students can search by instrument and by location and browse our tutor profiles. We will help you make a profile that looks really good. Students will send you messages through the platform and you can then help them to book music lessons of either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Prices vary depending on experience and location, you are free to choose the fee you want from a range of options. If a student wishes to buy a longer course of music lessons, they also have the option to buy a lesson block of multiple lessons. This gives the student a discount, making the lessons cheaper for the student but also not affecting your fee! We believe that solo lessons provide the very best starting point for a brilliant musical education.G

Who do we offer music lessons to?

MusicTutors most important goal is to create more music in the UK and therefore we offer music lessons to everyone no matter their age or level! Of course, the service we offer to families and children is very important. Equally, adult students either starting or continuing their musical journey are most welcome in our community.

Who's on the Team I'm Joining?

England has the team of 1966, America has the Globetrotters, Germany has the Berliner Philharmoniker and we have the MusicTutors teacher team! We are so proud to work with our 370+ tutors. You will be in fine company no matter what your discipline, teaching style or location. Take a look here!

Who are we?

The office team of MusicTutors are all professional musicians and educators. We also believe that we have the best job in the world. We get to spend our day talking to students across the country about how much they love music and we have helped hundreds of people connect with the perfect, professional tutor for them. We'd love to help you too! Please get in touch with us and tell us your story. 07946125613 Or send us a mail to [email protected]. We can't wait to hear from you!